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Youth Conditioning - CPT SMASH Rack Pulls

Youth Conditioning – Rack Pulls

In today’s Youth Conditioning segment I had a small class so we cut away to the weight room for some rack pulls!  Now rack pulls are a fairly intense exercise that can really load up the body with some serious poundage.

Youth Conditioning - CPT SMASH Rack Pulls


What is the rack pull you say?  Well, just watch this short little video clip on the Rack Pull for a full explanation.

The rack pull is an awesome lift that helps prepare younger athletes for those bigger lifts when they’re either older or stronger.

It helps engage the proper core musculature of the hips, back, shoulders and abdominals.

It focuses on keeping a tight lower back which is important for transferring power through the extremities. This is crucial for every sport out there.

Additionally it helps build lower body power and strength.  And this is the key!

Picking up heavy loads over time equals a bigger, stronger, more resilient athlete!

That is the nature of progressive resistance.

Now keep in mind some of my younger athletes are not ready for this sort of barbell work, but many are strong enough to start lifting lighter loads with proper form.  The ability to maintain proper technique is crucial at this stage in a young athletes development in order to facilitate those changes into adulthood.

These are the characteristics that we implement ALWAYS into our youth conditioning programming.  Proper form.  Good technique.  Progressive resistance.  And hard, physical work!  These are the keys to success in any endeavor and we live by them.

With the ability to master the hip-hinge, proper spinal posture and engage the core muscles effectively these young athletes will have a much easier time transferring into high school / collegiate sports or other fitness endeavors later on, because they’ve laid down the proper foundational elements.

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