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The Best Workout for Size

Bill and Ted were two young bucks that loved hitting the gym on a weekly basis.  They loved the feel of feeling their biceps burn from a good set of curls and their pecs flair up with blood from a couple sets of 10 on the bench.  But overall they weren’t satisfied with their overall size.  They’ve been hitting the gym steadily for several months in a row now and they’d gotten a little shape to their bodies, but not the massive increases that they wanted.

“Man, I tired,” Bill remarked while reclining on the bench.

“Yeah, me too.  Those last set of bench press were killer,” Ted remarked admiring his pecs in the mirror.

“Yeah, I’ve got a good pump, I just wish my chest would grow.”  “We’ve been at this bench press and bicep curl program for months now and we haven’t gained much.  There’s no way those guys in Muscle & Fitness got that big in 6 weeks!”

“Hmmm, I dunno.  The article seemed pretty convincing.  Let’s ask Big Hos,” Ted said, walking over to the office in the back of the gym.

Big Hos, was a big man who had developed quite an impressive chest from his years of bench pressing and pushing around heavy weights.  He worked on the farm as a young man and never let anyone push him around in the gym.  Over time though he discovered that his bench pressed sucked and so he worked at it continuously to make it stronger and better.  Pretty soon it was his most dominating lift.

“Hey Hos, you busy?” Ted asked pushing into the office.

Hos, looked up from his book and hastened Ted and Bill into the office.  “Sure, guys, what do you need?”

“Well, Bill said, “We’re stuck in a rut!”  “No matter what we do on this program we can’t gain any size.”

“Yeah, pretty much,” Ted said dryly.

“Hmmm, so what have you guys been doing,” Hos asked.

“Well, we come in hit some pushups to warmup and then hit 3 or 4 sets of bench, followed by either some barbell curls or dumbbell curls for sets of 10 reps.  Then maybe some pec deck flyes and cable curls or something to that effect.”

“Yeah, okay, I’ve seen you guys pressing before,” Hos remarked.  “Just confirming my initial conclusion.”  You know what you guys aren’t doing?”

“Well if we knew that, we wouldn’t be here,” Bill asked.

“Right, well there’s one SECRET TRICK that you guys aren’t doing,” Hos replied.

“Really,” Ted asked anxiously.  “What’s that?”

Both Ted and Bills eyes got larger as they anticipated this secret trick from the man who could press well over 500 pounds with the ease of lifting a finger.

Curd, shifted in his seat slightly and said, “Are you sure you really want to know, it’s going to be uncomfortable to hear?”

“Of course,” Bill and Ted both exclaimed.  “What is the secret?”

“You’re not lifting with enough INTENSITY,” Curd replied.

“Really,” Bill said flabbergasted.  “I don’t know how much more intense it can get.  I’m plumb tired after a workout.  In fact, I tired right now.”

“Well, honestly if you guys were serious about putting on some size, you’d better get used to working a lot harder than you are right now,” said Curd frankly.  “I know ten hundred people that just can’t cut the mustard when the training gets tough.  They can’t gut through a set of ten and then pile on some more weight to gut out another ten reps.”

“Sure, you guys have done an alright job of getting a bit more toned and shaped, but to get bigger and badder than ever before you have to perform bigger and badder sets with more weight.  More reps.  Even more sets.  The rule of 3 x 10 is a good start for some, but after a while it’s time to move onto bigger and better things.  If you never put more weight on the bar than you did back when you were 13 how do you expect to gain any size?”

Ted shifted uncomfortably.  “Yeah, I guess I’m not sure.  How do we make it work?”

“Well, here’s what I’m going to suggest.  You need to start off pressing some much heavier weights and challenging your body to perform at a higher level.  Follow this workout for a while and give it some time to take effect,” Hos said while taking out a pen and paper.  “You’ll need to allow the body a bit of time to accumulate enough strength to keep on pressing the heavier and heavier weights, but you should see a big increase in size in a month or two.  Shoot for about 5 sets of 5 on the bench and keep increasing the weights until you can’t press anymore.  Then hit up some assistance exercises, like these…” scribbling on paper.

“There you go.  Now go to work and start lifting some heavier weights with a new program, and don’t let me catch you ogling the girls by the drink fountain again.  Come in, get your work done and blast through your sets and reps with a vengeance.”

-CPT SMASH –The Best Workout for size is the one you’re doing intensely.

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