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Workout for Monday February 24th – The Reverse “Douchebag”

Everyday at Hostyle Conditioning we run many different types and levels of workouts depending the groups and individual sessions.

Here we will post just one of the workouts that we do. They will vary from Kettlebell – Powerlifting – General conditioning – Barbell conditioning.

We believe in variety and improving our mental as well as physical toughness.

Good form and effort are the bench marks for our clients success.

Monday February 24th 6:00 am

The Reverse “Douchebag”

Mobility warm up

Cardio – Jax 30 secs on – 30 sec off – 45 secs on – 30 secs off – 60 secs on – 30 secs off

The workout AMRAP 35 minutes

Prowler DBL – 60 ft High horns – 60 ft Low horns X 2


Burpees – nose to floor push ups
Heavy Kettlebell swings
1st round complete 1 rep of the 4 exercises, then go back to the prowler dbl
2nd round complete 2 reps of the 4 exercises, then go back to the prowler dbl
keep adding 1 rep per round until the 35 minutes time limit runs out.

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) in the alotted time frame

For the workout there is no official rest….Do the workouts with the shortest rest possible

Log your workouts in your journals...Too much time is wasted when your screwing around trying to figure out what weight to use for your sets. If track your weights, sets and reps you can keep your intensity up and driving progress in front of you.

Crush it!


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