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Workout of the Day - Infinity Prowler Sprint - Hostyle Conditioning

Workout of the Day – Infinity Prowler Sprints

So today’s workout was a little too awesome for words, so I thought I’d add a little flare to it.  Prowler sprints anyone?

And you’re welcome!

Today’s workout is the INFINITY PROWLER SPRINTS, basically a long, arduous prowler workout.

In this workout the only goal is to keep adding weight to the prowler and keep that puppy moving for as long as possible. There’s no real time frame until completion or failure to complete a full lap with the prowler. Simply push that prowler for a set distance while continuing to add load for as long as possible.

Simple.  Effective.  Awesome!

One can rest as long as needed to remain in control of the prowler and focus on sprinting in the early phases of the prowler sprint. Once the weight becomes to heavy to sprint with the athlete simply keeps driving the legs at a slower pace, while keeping the prowler moving.


Conditioning + Strength

This method blends a great conditioning tool such as the prowler sprint with some heavy strength building later on in the sets. Additionally, starting off with the lighter load challenges those athletes with a enhanced cardiovascular effect while warming up to bigger and bigger weights.

Once the low bars on the prowler sprint become too difficult to push, the prowler is turned around to utilize the higher bars for maximum weight.


Workout of the Day Infinity Prowler Sprint workoutThe Workout 

Dynamic Warmup 5 min

Cardio 5 min, since, you’ll want to be good and warmed up for this event!

Prowler Sprint – Start with no weight and proceed up to the heaviest weight possible.  Once the low bars can no longer be handled, switch to the high bars until you cannot move the prowler.

This can either be the end of the workout or you can perform several sets of bodyweight exercises such as:

TRX Rows X x Failure (X = However many laps you completed with the Prowler)

Pushups X x Failure  (X = Half as many laps ran with the Prowler)

Cool Down/Foam Roll 5 min

If you have any questions feel free to let me know.  Oh yeah and the record for the Infinity Prowler Sprint is currently at 639lbs!  Even the ladies were pushing upwards of 330lbs!

Let’s get busy peoples!


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