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Workout of the Day Friday Feb 28 – Race to 50

Race to 50 WorkoutToday at Hostyle Conditioning my semi-private training clients had mentioned that they were wanting to test their skills at their pullups!  Hence the workout of the day is the Race to 50 Pullups!

Well, low and behold their was a great workout that had been sitting on the back burner for a while, as it’s pretty rough on the old pulling muscles.

The Pull Up

The pullup is a foundational exercise that everyone should be able to perform in order to be fully functional.

You’ll never know when you’ll have to run from a bunch of killer zombies and have to pull yourself up into the safety of a tree or up and over an wall to escape danger.

Well, okay zombies isn’t really realistic, but having the necessary strength to pull one’s body weight up is an essential task that everyone should be able to do.

The Muscles

The pullup works a variety of muscle groups including the lats, biceps, forearm flexors, rear delts, rhomboids, rotator cuff muscles directly.

Additionally, the core control required to perform the pullup also helps increase postural awareness by being able to tighten up the abdominals and glutes to create a tight posture to perform a strict pullup.

If you’re hanging on your meat like a jelly fish your going to have  a tough time getting your chin over the bar.

The Workout

Dynamic Warmup – 5-10 min

Conditioning – 10 min

-250m rower sprint
-10 Angry Cats
-60-120 sec bike sprint

Race to 50 Pullups (As long as it takes)

-50 pullups (As Many As Possible until you hit 50 reps)
-5 pushups (After each set of pullups until 50 reps)
– X burpees x2 (X = number of pullups until 50 reps)

-Dips 4 x failure (bodyweight dips to failure)
-Inverted Rows 4 x failure (angled at 45-60 degrees)
-Flutter Kicks w/ Med Ball (perform inbetween each set of dips and inverted rows)

Foam Roll / Cool Down -10 min


There you have it folks!  

The Race to 50 Pullups.

Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to comment if you enjoyed the workout.



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