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Whats the Best Training Frequency

Today I want to talk about the most efficient way to get the most results in changing your fitness and conditioning, while burning slabs of fat and building lean muscle tissue.

Doing Hostyle conditioning 3X per week alternating with steady state cardio (like walking) is the best way to training for maximum changes in both your physique and athletic capability.

The Hi intensity Hostyle training pushes the body`s threshold of strength and metabolic conditioning. this forces the body to make drastic changes in its energy and strength systems while stripping body fat.

However to properly recover from that type of intensive training we need to follow it up with low intensity steady state activity that allows for blood flow and keeps the muscle moving while letting the nervous system “cool“ off.

This will help you heal quicker due to the blood going to the traumatized areas carrying oxygen and valuable nutrients while carrying away waste material and free radicals that are created during stressful workouts.

Examples of Steady State

Walking – outside or on a treadmill 20-30 minutes

Mobility training


Lite Yoga

So a week of training would look like this

Day 1  Hostyle

Day 2 Steady State

Day 3 Hostyle

Day 4 Steady State

Day 5 Hostyle

Day 6 Steady State

Day 7 off

So we have to work hard, followed by Steady state for recovery, this along with clean eating will set the stage for amazing results that you can see and feel in weeks rather than months.

Crush it!


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