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What did you do after supper Last Nite?

It’s often a long day..supper’s done and the kids are finally in bed
asleep hopefully if it’s after 9 pm.

What now? Watch some crappy reality TV Show (lose a few brain cells)?
Eat some Shit Quality Food like chips and ice cream
(ooohh it’s low fat the label says)?

How Many Reality Shows do you think This Lady watches…..

Drink a few too many Beers or glasses of wine –
telling yourself it’s good for your health to have wine every nite.

Sit back and wonder why your not happy with your body..your life..
maybe your job or marriage?

The solution is easy…GET OF YOUR ASS!!

Get up and start moving…Go for a some exercise..

A funny thing happens..when the Heart starts pumping…
the Brain stops feeling sorry for itself!!

Some of you may have gotten the email about Peter Hamilton an
awesome Dude I have been training.

He has lost 100 lbs in 10 Months!!

He’s an inspiration….

Here’s the Workout he did


for 5 exercises

Box Step ups
Push Ups
Leg Raises
T Bar Swings (Kettlebell 2 handed swings)

All 5 exercises in a row for 21 reps then repeat for 15
then 12 and so rest

He did it in just over 26 Minutes..

I was so freaking Inspired that after I closed the store at 9 pm
that instead of going home and watching everone crying on Biggest Loser,
I went Downstairs in the Training Studio and pounded out t
he following ASS KICKER!!

Box Step ups
Push Ups
Mountain Climbers
T Bar Swings (Kettlebell 2 handed swings)

It took me 29 minutes to grind it out…

As I type this I am a bag of dog shit..but I gotta tell ya I feel pretty
damned good about myself.

I do wish I had a helper monkey right now to help me type this…

If Peter can do it..and I can do it..what the hell is stopping YOU?

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