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Weekly weigh in, Benching, and Hot Babes

Weekly Weigh in..

As many of u know I competed last Saturday in the 100% Raw Provincials Bench Press meet, here at Hostyle.

It went well, I Benched 425lbs, and set a record in the 40-44 old dude catergory..

In preparing for the comp I always eat a little more the week before the meet to be at full strength.

Especially Since I missed that 425 in September..

So My Body weight went from 306.2 to 314 at the meet.

In September when I last competed I weighed 317 so I was still 3 lbs lighter at this meet since September..

But as my goal is to get my butt down to 275 I tightened up the Man Diet and this morning 5 days later I’m back down to…


Its funny how I get stressed at meet now more about my bodyweight goals and being able to attain my bench goals in the strength department as well.

Before when I used the excuse that I needed to be big (fat) to be a power lifter I was a little bit stronger but not nearly as athletic overall.

Yes the mechanics of my bench have changed due to their being almost 90 lbs less of me under the bar.

Now my focus is to improve my strength and speed with my newly acquired athleticism.

The Goal is to bench 500 at a bodyweight of 275

Now its about



Consistent Training

The biggest motivation is having goals that go beyond just what I weigh. However that being said, weekly weigh ins and taking lots of pictures of one’s self keeps the accountability up.

Keep Crushing it!!




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