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Video Review of some Kettlebell exercises that are often done wrong in training

When ever we start teaching kettlebells to individuals in class or to coaches and trainers in our Hostyle Kettlebell System certification, we cover quite a few different exercises.

Sometimes we might not repeat certain kettlebell exercises often as there are many different moves aside from the core ones

The basics that get repeated alot are;

  • swings
  • cleans
  • clean and press
  • snatch
  • pendulums
  • ATB’s
  • ATH’s
  • Catcher squats
  • Crunches and V ups……

Then we have certain Kettlebell Moves that happen less often, although they are also important there is only so much time and available energy to perform great quality workouts.

The danger or problem with the lesser used kettlebell exercises is that we get rusty technique wise due to the fact that we just aren’t getting to them as often as we would like to.

One of the major issues with trainers and coaches who take kettlebell certs is that most of them may not use Kettlebells on a regular basis and there fore miss out on the “mastery” of the drills and techniques.

I have often said the way to get great at kettlbells is to perform 10,000 reps.

Hell , I’ve seen trainers not use a kettlbell for 6 months or more after their certification weekend. Then when they do use thrm  its a veritable “Gong Show”, they have forgotten and lost much of the motor skills they were just starting to develop by the end of the Cert weekend.

The Hostyle Solution

Below are some Kettlebell Videos Tobin and I just shot to go over some basic technical stuff.

Our goal here is to provide some good technical reminders for our kettlebell clients to use as a tool to maintain the high standards of kettlebell training we want to see them execute.

This is important for themselves the individual, as well as the clients they want to teach.

The Kettlebell “O” Walk

In the first video we review the Kettlebell Over head walk or “O” walk…


The Kettlebell “Bottoms Up”

In this second video Tobin is reviewing and demonstrating the Kettlebell “Bottoms up” with some variations and some safety tips.


We will be adding more videos every week to keep you guys “Tight and Right” with your Kettlebell Awesomeness.

Do you have a Kettlebell exercise you would like us to review?

Just Comment below and will be glad to get on that for you!!!!

Crush it!!


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