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Tricep Hell – Bench Press Assistance work

Tricep Hell – Bench Press Assisstance

To be sure Triceps are the “Meat” of the bench press, its also a muscle group that represents 2/3 of our total potential arm size. So listen up you guys in search of the 21” Arm.

Monster Triceps are they key to pressing power and T shirt busting arm size!

I find the triceps can and need to be hit with variety of training protocols. One of which is developing brutal tricep toughness and endurance.

Tricep Hell is one of the craziest methods to hammer these three muscles that are in need of improving for bench stroke power.

You will need

• Solid bench press
• Boards – single – 2 boards – 3 boards – 4 boards

Baords for bench Hostyle Conditioning

• Partner for handling the boards
• Spotter to help you run rack and rack the bar (trust me u will need this)


Weight selection

Pick a weight you can easily bench 12- 15 times – Go too heavy and you’re screwed!

Grip on the bar

This can be done with a Regular grip

regular grip bench press hostyle conditioning

Or Mid to close grip

Mid Grip Bench Press Hostyle Conditioning


With the person handling the boards ready…

Un rack the weight and lower it to the boards on your chest

Do 5 reps then hold the bar locked out at arms length while the board guy switches thickness of boards

Then repeat another 5 reps, once again hold bar locked out at arms length as the board guy switches thickness again.

Continue doing so until you complete the run of boards you are planning to do.


4 boards – 5 reps
3 boards – 5 reps
2 boards – 5 reps
1 board – 5 reps
2 boards – 5 reps
3 boards – 5 reps
4 boards – 5 reps.

Rack the weight and wipe your tears!!!

Here is what it looks like


Now the slight difference in this video is that I don’t have a spotter so I do re rack the weight between board changing


  • You can start at a lower board and work the opposite direction
  • You can just work one way up or down
  • You can do more reps
  • You can do 2 sets with a 5 minute break between sets

You will Fail!!

If you pick the right weight you will fail near the end of your run. IF you fail after the second board change the weight is too heavy!

You have 2 options – when you do fail….

• Be a little bitch and stop the exercise and go to some sort of tricep machine
• Or rest the weight in the rack count to 10 and unrack and work your way through the exercise (this is the Hell part)

A few more things

• Bell well warmed up Do This Warm period
• This can be done as a pre-exhaust at the beginning of your workout
• Done as a finisher – my favorite


Don’t Forget our upcoming Bench press Seminar

Crush it!!

Curd Hos


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