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This Picture and Caption caused some mixed feelings


It all started with this picture I posted on facebook

How did this person get like this Physically and mentally?


Off course I got a bunch of funny responses…

but I also got this one

“ok have to say something here, where is it written that we are to pass judgement on even question an other persons physical looks? your questions is a valid one Curd Hos but it is one that would need asking to the person, not others that have no true idea of what the man’s reasons are or what the back ground in this situation is, i for one know that we can all have times in our life when we don’t even have enough energy to care, to love ourselves, and even if friends do say something we can not hear them as it is said, we only hear what we choose, and usually it is negative.

I think that asking what could be done to help a person in need like this would have been a more appropriate question that what got him like that, because in the end, unless you know this person and have asked you will never truly know the answer, and all having negative comments about this man, may help your own egos

but remember, Karma is a bitch…

and no matter how or when someday you may find out the answer to your question in a personal way, physically, mentally, emotionally, spirituality, either one will do…. but, judgement and humiliation don’t make anyone better, they just harm everyone ”

This is my thought on the issue of my  friend in the pic

When people become over weight it doesnt happen by accident…you can use the “it’s genetics” arguement all you want….

I am not writing or commenting on this photo as a lifetime skinny person..I have struggled with my weight all my life.

However the struggle has been with the habits and lifestyle chioces that caused the weight gain, not my genetics..

Society wants to always blame someone or something else for their woes…Poeple are outraged about Macdonalds ..yet NO One is forcing anyone to eat there. I used to be a mangaer at MacDonalds.. I would see people daily coming to eat there. Many of them would be there more than once a day..

Do people have issues in their life that they want to medicate themselves against, of course. We know people use alcohol and drugs for these reasons. We have terms like alcoholics and drug addicts to describe the more extreme cases and we have counselling and programs to help people.

We as a society see this as a good thing and want these people to be cured or treated or taught how to cope with the Issues that cause these situations

Why isnt it the same with food and food addicts?

when I weighed almost 400 lbs a year or so ago it wasnt for any other reason that I ate and drank too much and did very little exercise.

was I a bad

but I was weak mentally and physically…

And I knew it….No surprises..I knew damn well i should b doing something about it.

and not just because of what others were thinking or saying about me. but because of what I was thinking about myself.

but dont kid yourself for a second what others think about you does matter. It will affect how you are treated. It will affect how much money you make. It will affect how much you can accomplish in life. Because we have to interact with others to live in this society.

and it’s so easy to change!!

Start by getting up off the couch and turn the TV off.

Go outside and walk!!!

To shy or embarassed? Toughen the hell up! People will see you walking and immediately think that you are doing something positive about! Bam! instant respect!

Everyone wants to be respected right? Then do something to damn well earn it!

The very first person that will respect you once you start doing something positive will be YOU!!

I’ll tell you something right Now. Self respect is the most powerful weapon you can develop.

Talk about a rush and sense of well being, Nothing feels as good as you will when you finish working out.

When people look at a fat person and think “that person is lazy”  – they are RIGHT!

When People look at a fat Person and think that person has low self esteem – They are right.

When people look at a fat person and think they have “No self Control” – they are right.

When people look at a fat person and think “This person is BAD” They are absolutely WRONG!

So if you are reading this and you are overweight and not happy with yourself I hope you get mad, angry, and upset!

That’s your soul telling you are not happy with yourself and that you want change.

So take action – stop being a victim – “drop a pair” – toughen up!

Not sure where to start?

Contact me I’ll help you, I promise!!

Crush it!!


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