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TestosteroneTestosterone. It’s what makes a man a MAN!!

This issue we are going to look at a very important topic that greatly affects Men over 30 and by default affects the women in there lives.


It’s pretty well known fact that testosterone is THE Guy hormone!

When we are 18 – 21 we ooze the the stuff, but as we approach our 30’s and beyond things start to change.

For various reasons we start to produce less testosterone.

Not so much of it is as age related as you would think. Infact it’s our lifestyle changes that occur as we get older which affect our bodies ability to manufacturer this fantastic fountain of awesomeness more than age itself.

As we get older we get busy with jobs, family, and business. We exercise less, drink more, and eat crap.

These aforementioned reasons are the real culprit in declining “T” levels.

Let’s see what happens when your “T” levels are that of a 10 year old girl..

No energy
Loss of lean muscle tissue
Increase fat accumulation
Poor to no libido – see ladies this affects you
Depression – once again ladies many of you can relate
Lack of self esteem and Confidence – you know you ladies love a confident man

Lets look at how we can fix this!

Get your Butt in to action

We need to exercise with ‘Intensity” 2 – 3 week for 20-30 minutes not including warm and cooldown. This creates the bodies “need” to manufacture Testosterone. This also creates higher levels of ” ready for “anything” energy.

Big arms and a thicker chest

That’s right with more Testosterone your gonna build up those “Guns” and some “Pecs”. You cant build muscle tissue with out good levels of Testosterone, I don’t care how hard your working out!!!

Wholly shit you got ABS Bro!

The ultimate man goal, whether you say it out load or not. Every guy and I mean every guy out there would love to have a 6 pack. I’m gonna let you in on a little known Math equation that Einstein came up with but tried to keep to himself.

S=ABS + T2

For you non – scientists out there I’ll break it down for you.

The leaner you are (ABS) + the more Testosterone (T2) you have will result in more Sex (S)!no

Einstein had already shocked the world with E=MC2 so I can understand why he kept this one under wraps.

No More getting sand kicked in yer face or crying during a chick flick

Once you get your Testosterone coursing through your body your new sense of confidence and the perpetual grin on your face will change how the world looks at You!! Including your mate or significant other….yes that’s right…more Sex!!

What else can I do?

Well you should be training at Hostyle, and if thats not possible because you like more than 200 km away….(because we believe that within 200 km you should be driving in to train with us!!) we are currently developing our online membership website that should be up soon!!

Eat More Fat and Protein!!

Before you go and order a 3rd pound of chicken wings, I’m talking about good fats….like fish oils, coconut oils, mct’s, natural peanut butter, guacomole.

Clean proteins like wild caught fish, organic grass fed beef and pork..(bacon rocks).

Your body cannot manufacture Testosterone without protein and fats…. period!!!!

Is there a good and effective Testosterone supplement out there?

There are lot of garbage supps out there or even the good stuff that is available is under dosed or in amount too low to have any real effect.

I have two that I really like

D Aspartic Acid Chelate – get the powdered stuff and take it properly.

Pure Tongkat Ali in 100:1 concentration – Like Buckleys tastes terrible but works real good!!!

Here are links to get you hands on both in effective quantity and of the highest quality

D Aspartic Acid Chelate 150 grams

Pure Tongkat Ali 100:1 concentration

Follow these steps outlined and you will Start to see and feel a real change in your “T” levels, Libido and over all GUY FACTOR!!!

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