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Rob Dale Loses 50 lbs !!!

You know those guys who have a picture of themselves flexing at the gym as their profile image on Facebook? Yeah, I’ve sort of become one of them. Well, okay, not really. But, sort of.
Let me explain.

In August 2011, I was in terrible shape. I’m 6’2″ and I was close to 270lbs. My 38″ jeans were getting tight. My blood pressure was extremely high, and I was frustrated by my inability to see results at the local city gym. My cardio totally sucked. I would be winded just walking more than 500 metres. It was worse if I had to talk while walking.
I shared in this February post about how I was introduced to Hostyle Conditioning. I’m not trying to push one particular gym, I’m sure there are a number of great places to work out, but I have found the connections I’ve made at Hostyle to be truly special. The people there have become friends.

In the ten months I’ve been working out, I have dropped to 225lbs. My 34″ jeans are loose. My blood pressure is in the normal range. And, this morning I ran 5k without a single break. I really haven’t changed my eating habits at all (I still eat burgers & fries a few times a week, chow down on Salt & Vinegar chips, and eat ice cream at 10pm).

I can just imagine where I’d be if I did change my eating habits. All my change has come from simply choosing to workout on average three times per week.

Earlier this week, I posted my first attempt at running.

My goal was 5k and I managed to run 3.5k and walk the other 1.5k. A lot of people commented on that Facebook post, some saying that it was inspiring them to get fit.

That’s the reason for this blog post.

You see, the last thing I want to do is be that guy. I don’t want to share my fitness stuff as a way of bragging or trying to impress people. I’m doing it because I hope to inspire others to get off the couch and exercise.
I’ve heard the excuses:

– “I don’t have the time to workout.” Really? I work an average of 60 hours per week. I’ve been accused of being a workaholic, and there’s probably some truth in that. I rarely take vacation, and when I do (like I am right now), I find it hard to relax and stop working. I work out three mornings a week (at 6am). If I miss a morning, or have the time, I will also do a workout one evening a week. Guess what? You have the same amount of time as I do. You’re just using your time differently.
– “I can’t afford the cost of a membership.” Last time I checked, politicians haven’t come up with a way to tax walking. There are lots of things you can do to exercise that cost nothing. Sure, some gym memberships are pricey. My gym, Hostyle Conditioning, isn’t cheap. But, what they offer is as close to one on one fitness training as you can get. Often you get what you pay for when it comes to gym memberships. Here’s what I would suggest: keep track of how much money you spend on junk food, cigarettes, and alcohol in a month. I’m betting you’ll quickly find some extra money for a membership.
– “I’m too shy to go to a gym.” I totally get this one. People think I’m this major extrovert because of what I do for a living. I’m actually somewhat shy. The first time I walked into a city gym, I thought every person in the place was waiting for me to do something stupid so they could laugh. I had the same feeling when I first walked into Hostyle. I picked up the kettle bell and thought, “Oh, this is such a bad idea.” Here’s what I’ve discovered about almost everyone I work out with. We love seeing new people decide to get healthy. We cheer people on. We want to help and support you as you begin. I’ve seen advance guys at my gym finish their workout and then jump in with a beginner to encourage them to get to the end. You’d be amazed at how quickly you would fit in with others at most gyms.

I’m a preacher. So, you’d think my focus would be on the spiritual side of life. And, it is. But I am convinced that God never intended for us to only worry about the spiritual aspects of life. In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus was asked what was the most important commandment in the Bible. He responded, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.” We can love God through our dedication to being healthy.

When I was running this morning, there was a point when I wanted to slow down to a walk. I almost did. But then, I thought of the attitude we push at Hostyle Conditioning. I could hear the owner, Curd, saying, “C’mon Rob, crush it!” It’s an attitude. A hostyle attitude.

Why not pick up that attitude? If you don’t exercise, start. Talk a walk around the block. If you do, evaluate how you’re doing. Could you pick it up a gear? Have you tried something different?

Yes, I’m that guy. And, I’m challenging you.

Rob Dale

Hey Curd,
I couldn’t be happier with my friend for recommending your gym. I’ve been treated like family since day 1 of the trial and on the car ride home that first day I knew I was in.  I’ve always enjoyed a variety of sports and activities but in all the time I’ve been going to workout I’ve just wandered arbitrarily from machine to machine.
The coaches at Hostyle are the best I have ever met. The personal touch of the smaller class sizes is something I’m no longer willing to compromise on now that I’ve experienced it. Specifically, I appreciate the attention to form and technique. The result is so much better than an instructor teaching at a crowd of 35 people.
I walked in with no formal knowledge of how to deadlift but it was something I had always just done at the gym. Within a month of working with you I went from a 220 deadlift with terrible technique to a 325 PR done correctly.
Most importantly, I feel like it’s easy to come and work out, no looking up random internet workouts or wondering how long homeboy will be texting while using the only plyo box at my previous gym.
I sincerely hope anyone who feels lost going to a gym alone or who appreciates personalized attention gives hostyle a try.
Thank you,
Justin Dashney


Michelle Hannah

Lost 25 lbs 8 months after having second baby

After having my second and last child, I knew it was time to get back to my pre-baby weight.

I didn’t want to say 10 years from now that I am still carrying around baby weight or that I never got back my body after having my children.

I have always been into fitness and exercise and have been ever since I was young. Exercising and staying fit has also been something that both my husband and I have enjoyed and had in common but with two kids it was becoming difficult to incorporate fitness into our lives.

The Hostyle training was a perfect solution.

Because of the intensity and full-body exercises, two to three, 1-hour classes a week was all I needed and fit perfectly into our new busy schedule.

My fitness goals never had anything to do with a number on the scale but more with how I felt, how I looked, and more importantly, having the functional strength to get through almost any physical event without injury or feeling tired.

So far, so good! Thanks Hostyle!


michelle before


Cathie Adeney
Director of Quality Assurance at Halogen Software

Cud Hos and the Hostyle team are exceptional. They make you feel like you are part of a family working to improve your fitness and quality of life. I do the 6:00 a.m. class and love the challenges and laughter of knowing the people you work out with as well as Curds unique style of motivation! He made me love the gym and I truly believe he cares for every single person at the gym.

May 2013


Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp
Owner at Santé Chiropractic Centre & Wellness Centre and Licensed Business Coach at Breakthrough Coaching

I have been working out at Hostyle for over 1 year now and I just love it! Great way to push one’s self, stay fit and have fun. Curd makes it all that!

May 15, 2013

Cheryl Letourneau
Lawyer at Bertschi Orth Barristers and Solicitors

Curd is the owner of Hostyle Conditioning. I have been training at Hostyle for over a year now. Curd is very professional and he is an excellent motivator. He always offers assistance when you need it. He has helped me push myself to a level that I never imagined.

May 14, 2013


Received this week October 18th 2012

Hi Curd –

I’m sorry for blowing past you last night after my powerlifting – I was feeling a bit nauseous and needed to sit down and have some water!

I’m glad “deadlift week” is over, but really pleased with the 405 on Monday – increased my deadlift PR from 330 to 405 within 9 months of my hernia repair.  Thanks a million to you and Phil.


Hi curd

In four days will mark my two years that i walked in to your gym and you took me under your wing . You help me transformed my body from fat and unfit to fit and stronger and in shape … So today Curd im take the time to let you know and the people know that am very thankful that you helped me changed my life and gave me the tools to make better choices in my life. You have also help me with my inner-self. Hostyle is my home and will be for as long as i live….. Thank you curd hos ….

Eric Whissell – lost 200 lbs


May 2011 I was 265 lb smoker who decided to change his lifestyle. I decided to start getting into shape and started training at Hostyle Conditioning and doing a little running (5 km was my limit).

Yesterday I completed a 50km trail race, non stop running, (I only walked to eat and a couple of steeper hills). Life is great! Thanks to Brian Casey , Curd Hos and Tobin Hostylekbell and everyone else at Hostyle for the coaching and encouragement.

Looking forward to the next challenge, Spartan Trifecta, AROO!!!

John T – lost 40lbs ~ now 225


Hey Curd;

My partner and I have adopted the 300 set following a previous article of yours.
We started with a bench press with 1 plate on each side. After almost killing ourselves, we back it up a notch and did it with 35’s…….wow – what a pump.
We now apply it to our back workouts.

Thanks for that tip, it created a whole new excercise event.
we call it the “300 day” and we dread it
By the way – we are both approaching 50 years of age……….


Dear Curd,

I can’t even begin to tell you how much your Bench Press Seminar
has helped me in my training. It taught me a lot about training
‘for the lift’ which is something I’ve really been meaning to put
more focus on. Not only was it a benefit to be able to take from
your expertise, but learning in a small group environment with other
guys and being able to take something from each of them has benefited
me greatly.

I’m getting set to start the ‘Bench Freak’ workout plan next week and
I really think I’ll be putting on some nice gains over the next 8-12 weeks.

1 year ago my 1RM Max was about 305 pounds. With your advice and
consultation I’ve been able to increase that by 100 pounds in less
than a full calendar year.

The key is definitely to train hard, train intense, train properly,
and profit from proper nutrition and supplements, all of which was
covered in great detail in your seminar.

I look forward to seeing what I’ll be able to do 1 year from now,
and for many more after that!


Aaron Runnalls

Hi Curd,

Subject: Thanks for the Bench Seminar

Message: Curd,

Thanks for putting on that bench seminar. You may already be benching
in the weights of the gods but I still have miles to go before I can
sleep and those tips have been invaluable to me. I have been trying to
bench big for almost 20 years now(Don’t know why? I think my ego has the
better of me and is always pushing me around) That last 3 inches has been
the part of the bench that has killed me. Mostly due to my stuborness to
change my groove and my weak back which I have ignored up to 6months ago.

The little tips about the feet back further and that my left wrist was coming
back on the bottom are 2 things I should’ve realized after 20 years.

That 6 week routine you gave is something totally different than what I am
used to, I haven’t had this much lactic acid in my traps and tris since I first
started boxing training when I was a kid. This routine should beat the stuborness
and ego out of me for the next month or two.

Also I need some good wrist wraps and protein, let me know when you get in the
wrist wraps and I’ll come down to pick up both.


Matt Gray

Thanks very much for the bench press seminar.

I was amazed at what was possible with better technique and the right coaching.

I’ve always thought I was a weak bencher and had a self image of

someone with lousy upper body strength.

(Thought I was barely 300…and here you had me more than half way to 400)

John Kolesar


  1. Muyideen - February 7, 2012 3:08 pm

    MAX OTIncline Bench Press 3 sets 4 to 6 @ 185Barbell Bench Press 3 sets 4 to 6 @ 225Decline Bench Press 1 sets 4 to 6 @ 205Barbell Wrist Curls 2 sets 8 to 10 @ 70Dumbbell Wrist Curls (Standing)2 sets 6 to 8 @ 135 (did bhenid back barbell instead)CROSSFITThree rounds for time of:Run/Row 800 meters50 Back Extensions50 Sit-upsCompleted: 21:11