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Hostyle Youth Conditioning Preventing knee injuries in squats and jumps

Youth Conditioning – Prevent Knee Injuries in Youth Athletics

Younger athletes need a foundational level of skills in both the squat and proper technique in jumping mechanics to avoid knee injuries.  It sounds quite simple, but many younger athletes have trouble performing these basic moves which could help save their knees from a lifetime of pain and knee injury. Today the focus of our coaching is to try and correct one of the most common errors in squatting and jumping technique.  Valgus collapse, essentially when the knees come together[…]

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Hostyle Youth Conditioning

Special Youth Conditioning Interview with former US NAVY SEAL Stew Smith

Stew Smith, a former Navy SEAL, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and fantastic strength and fitness writer joins CPT SMASH to share his insights on youth strength training and conditioning. Stew started out as an enthusiastic football player and powerlifter, who joined the US Navy SEALs, serving eight years as part of a SEAL team and now focuses his efforts on providing superior strength and conditioning programs to help develop and prepare the tactical athlete to sustain the rigors of[…]

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