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Workout of the day – Totality!

Hostyle Warm up Cardio 100 ft Prowler + 10 inch worms X 6 rounds 25 lbs on one side of the prowler   Conditioning 8 Rounds Leg Press X 12 Ball Slams X 15 Wall Sit Ups X 20  Prehab/ Rehab Foam Roller Glute T spine – Hitch Hikers – Snow Angels    

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Workout of the Day - Infinity Prowler Sprint - Hostyle Conditioning

Workout of the Day – Infinity Prowler Sprints

So today’s workout was a little too awesome for words, so I thought I’d add a little flare to it.  Prowler sprints anyone? And you’re welcome! Today’s workout is the INFINITY PROWLER SPRINTS, basically a long, arduous prowler workout. In this workout the only goal is to keep adding weight to the prowler and keep that puppy moving for as long as possible. There’s no real time frame until completion or failure to complete a full lap with the prowler.[…]

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Workout of the Day Friday Feb 28 – Race to 50

Today at Hostyle Conditioning my semi-private training clients had mentioned that they were wanting to test their skills at their pullups!  Hence the workout of the day is the Race to 50 Pullups! Well, low and behold their was a great workout that had been sitting on the back burner for a while, as it’s pretty rough on the old pulling muscles. The Pull Up The pullup is a foundational exercise that everyone should be able to perform in order[…]

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