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Orleans Personal Training Hostyle Conditioning has become the epi center for the highest quality in Orleans personal training in Orleans Personal Training Often the first question people ask when starting out on a fitness program is, “Should I hire a personal trainer?” I should stress right now that you don’t need to hire a trainer. But, beginners and experienced trainers alike can indeed benefit from skilled coaching and motivation. If you know you’re someone who does better when someone is guiding[…]

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This week, I’m Challenging you to a: “NO ADDED SUGAR WEEK.” Added sugars (that don’t occur naturally in the foods you are eating) can be detrimental to your health. Here are just a few of the MANY reasons to cap the sugar intake in your diet…. • Sugar promotes INFLAMMATION in the body (Inflammation is the ROOT of ALL disease in our bodies.) • Large amounts of added Sugars will SUPPRESS the immune system. (Imagine how your immune systems suffers[…]

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