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Hostyle Podcast – Roll daddy onto his side kids…..

Episode #4 This week Pete and I talk about Deload training Diet coke week #2 Clean Eating Pete also talks about his first “Class” workout at Hostyle in 6 months. We get into the concept of “deloading” in training cycles. Why its important and why more people need to do it and do it more often. Clean eating, why its more common sense and people just lie to themselves. Diet Coke aftermath…

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Hostyle Podcast – I Throw rocks at my kids coz I love them

Its Episode 3……not as monumental as the 3rd installment of Star wars but hey! In studio (behind the counter) I have my buddy Peter Hamilton…Long time friend and client if Hostyle Conditioning We talk about his 140+ lb weight loss, then how it got put back on with some crazy live changes. Now he’s back into training he’s down 20 lbs and crushing it. He’s a great funny guy and I’m looking forward to him being part of the podcast[…]

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