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Spartan Race Training Starts this Thursday Nite @ 8 pm

Hostyle Spartan Race Training

Thursday Nite Spartan Training at 8 pm

Thursday Nite Spartan Training at 8 pm

Thursdays at 8 pm

Get ready to run the most exciting 5 km race around

Training Starts

Thursday March 7th at 8 pm

We have a new class on Thursdays at 8 pm called Hostyle Spartan Training – it’s a weekly workout geared to prepare for running the Spartan 5km race June 15th 2013

In this course we take anyone running the Spartan race who wants build their

Our goal is that every person who takes our Hostyle Spartan Training course will be able to particpate in the spartan run at a much higher level of performance.

Whether it’s your first time ever running it in or your doing again for the second or 3rd time, you WILL be better prepared for race day.

We have different training fee packages available.

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