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Spartan – “Courageous in the face of pain, danger, or adversity” AND MUD!!!

On June 2/3, the Spartan Sprint Race returned to Ottawa.   The race was 5k of
running with about 20 crazy obstacles at the Rideau-Carleton Race Way.   


Spartan races are a unique challenge ~  
one does not know what obstacles are going to be on the course until one arrives at each.  Last year, the  terrain (Camp Fortune) made the race a challenge. This year, the terrain was pretty tame, but the MUD was  insane.  


By the time we (seven Hostyle athletes) started our races around noon on Sunday,  it was raining yet AGAIN and the footing was nothing but mud and slippery grass.


The initial run over 1 or 2 kilometres was a test in itself – running in mud up to our ankles, staying upright and trying not to pull a muscle if we happened to have a nasty slip.  Once we got to the obstacles,  dirty, wet hands (and shoes) made some of the obstacles (ropes, sand bags,  big cinder blocks we ran upon) somewhat tough to master .  


We made our way around the 5k course, and encountered some of the following obstacles:  small and large walls, a kettlebell rope pulley, various cargo nets to ascend/descend , blocks and sand bags  to carry around circuits, a rope climb,  crawling  through and under various objects … fun stuff!         


The training we had done at Hostyle over the past 6-12 months fared us well.  Shoulder & core strength was tested on many obstacles - i.e.  stepping over a big fallen tree branch whileholding a 15lb cement block; turning a slippery corner while carrying a 15lb bag of sand; climbing a 10ft wall with no foothold.   


If a competitor could not successfully  overcome  an obstacle, the “penalty” was 20 burpees.   Running in a constant quagmire of mud tested our leg endurance.  The kettlebell classes, conditioning workouts and countless burpees and crunches we  had done had  us fit and ready for all of it!   


A huge thanks to the coaches at Hostyle Conditioning for inflicting pain on us, pushing us and getting us fit, healthy and SPARTAN TOUGH!  :-)   Training for the 2013 Spartan Sprint has begun!!   


Nick, Rick, Rachel, Andrew, Karyn, Tobin & Ann are SPARTAN!


written by Ann Coros
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  1. Rick - June 21, 2012 9:30 am

    and Andrew 2.0….ran with us along with my coz from MTL

    Looking forward to next year

    AROO !!!

    • Nagima - August 9, 2012 11:27 am

      A great couple of days to end “No Clock Novemeber” at CFO.1st HSPUs today (thanks Jake)! after woinrkg shoulder strength all month.23 Pulls ups yesterday (+2 PR)90# Squat Snatch yesterday (+15 PR), thanks Tweety: although there is still a long way to go after watching Danielle go over 100# and Zach around 200# motivational!Great improvements in diet this month, and performance has improved. Moving towards paleo-primal. Love the free Paleo Solution podcasts on iTunes: thanks Kneel.Any suggestion for paleo / primal books? Gonna buy a couple this month…It is great to have the CFO family as a support group when the rest of the world says we’re crazy!ToeKneeK


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