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Spartan Conditioning Training

Wednesday July 11th 7 pm Beginner Kettlebell Class


Chins 20
Burpees 5

Chins 15
Burpees 10

Chins 10
Burpees 15

Chins 5
Burpees 20

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  1. Julia - August 9, 2012 10:10 pm

    6.00am ClassName/ WOD/ Scaled/ ResultKelly A, 35kg deadlift, Jumping pull ups, 4 rudnos + 6 repsBelinda A, 35kg deadlift, Jumping pull ups, 5 rudnosAwesome efforts from the two girls braving the cold and dark this morning. They both posted some of the best results and put on inspiring efforts.5.30pm ClassNick A, 24kg kb swings, 4 rudnos + 19repsVicky A, 8kg kb swings, 35kg deadlift, jumping pull ups, 3 rudnosLyndsey A, 45kg deadlift, jumping pull ups, 4 + 10Scotty A, 50kg deadlift, 12kg kb swings, 5 rudnosMad Dog A, 50kg deadlift, 12kg kb swings, 5 rudnosIntensity was high tonight with a good sized class and a very competitive atmosphere. Great to see some new faces pushing themselves hard. This is a killer WOD and everyone did incredibly well to post the results they did.


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