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Solutions to New Years Weight Loss Resolutions

The Solution to Your Resolution

Bill and Sly were at it again, and this time it was personal.  After bagging their buck and dragging it back to the truck, Sly reinforced his friends’ thoughts of coming to train with him.  The very next day Sly called Bill up to go into the gym and workout.  It was a wakeup call to Bill after seeing Sly drag the deer mostly by himself back to the truck, while he huffed and puffed along behind dragging only his bow and gear.

“So Sly, where we going to train at,” Bill said.

“Well, you said you wanted to start working out again, so I’m taking you to my gym to get you setup,” Sly said.  “It’s a smaller gym than your typical workout facility, but don’t let the lack of equipment and fancy machines fool you, they have everything you need to get in awesome shape.  From barbells to prowlers, rowers to dumbbells, they’ve got the ticket to keep you in awesome shape!”

“Awesome, sounds great,” Bill said.  “I remember when we used to lift in high school.”  “That was a good time.”

“Yeah, kinda like that, only less chatting with the girls in the far corner of the room and more squats and deadlifts,” Sly laughed.

“You bet,” Bill said, as Sly pulled up to the gym parking lot.

“Alright, so I’ve already told the owner coming in that you’re interested in trying out the facility,” Sly said.  “He’s a great guy, and everyone calls him Big Hos, just so you know.”  “He’s agreed to let you train with me for a week just to get started to see if you like it.  And don’t worry I already paid the fee for you.”

“Wow, really…” Bill said flabbergasted.  “I don’t know how to thank you.”

“Well, don’t thank me yet,” Sly smirked, “but I want to see you do well.”  “Not to mention be able to keep up when we go hunting.”

“Ah, I knew there was an ulterior motive at play here,” Bill winced.

“Don’t worry,” Sly said.  “I even talked to Julie and she agreed to keep you away from the nastiness she’s been fixing for food lately.  She’s putting you on a diet, which I think Big Hos can help us with as well.  You can’t make good gains without a healthy diet, you know?”

“Sure,” Bill said, “sounds like you’ve got a plan.”  “I’m your huckleberry.”

“Great,” Sly said, “now time to get to work.”

Bill and Sly headed into the gym.  After filling out some initial forms and chatting with the owner and some of the coaches, Bill was convinced he was in the right place for success.  The gym was bigger than Bill expected and full of some great equipment as Sly had said.  There was an apparent lack in workout machines as you’d find in many other gyms mostly taking up space and collecting dust.  Instead the floor space was filled with open space, barbells, squat racks, deadlift platforms, kettlebells, dumbbells, adjustable benches and well, free space to do work!

Many people were clustered around on the floor swinging kettlebells, doing pushups and pullups, while some were pushing a heavy sled around at high speeds.  Others were over lifting some hefty poundages in the squat racks, while a few others stood around the bench press, one lifting, one spotting and a couple others were stretching out their shoulders with bands.  The whole place was riddled with energy.

“So let’s get you boys started up here,” Big Hos said.  “Here’s the workout for the day, Sly, I’m trusting you with monitoring your boy here and I’ll look in on his form and technique after I get everyone else underway.”  “Then we’ll talk with Steve to get him in for a real assessment.”

“You got it,” Sly said, looking at the board for the workout.

The workout read something like this.


Squats 5×5

Stiff Legged Deadlift 4×10-12

Walking Lunges 3 x 30m

Prowler sprints 4 laps x 30m

Hanging leg raises 2 x 20

“Boy, that’s a big workout,” Bill said.

“Yep, some good ol’ heavy lifting with some sprint work at the end,” Sly said.  “Not a real ass kicker, but it should be a step in the right direction.”  “Let’s go get started on the warmup, that’ll loosen you up a bit before we get going.”

“Got it,” Bill said, grabbing his towel.

After a couple of mobility moves, Bill was already drenched in sweat and huffing and puffing.

“You alright,” Sly said.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” Bill gasped.  “This is pretty intense already.”

“Yeah, sometimes the warmup is rougher than the workout,” Sly said, “But it’ll get you moving better.”   “It’s how I stay so mobile and moving well.”  “When I first came in I had trouble bending down to tie my shoes and had lower back trouble.  Now, with a bit of strengthening and mobility work—no more pain.”

“That’s pretty awesome,” Bill said.  “I have back pain all the time, you think this will help.”

“Yes, definitely,” Sly said.

Big Hos yelled some instructions to the group and got them into a short circuit of burpees, kettlebell swings and catcher squats for a couple rounds to elevate their heart rates and mix things up a bit.  He walked passed each individual in turn correcting form and shifting technique, while everyone was busting out their sets.  Hos walked by Bill and started up again, “Alright, Bill is it, right?”

“Yeah, that’s me,” Bill said, pausing between a set of swings.

“You need to use your hips more, thrust through with the hips to swing the bell,” Big Hos said while making some manual adjustments to the holding of the bell, “and remember, go at your own pace.  You’re new in here; I don’t want you getting sick.  Take your time, learn the moves and learn them well—need a break, take a slow lap.”

“Okay, got it,” Bill said still puffing hard.

“Alright guys, let’s head over and get started on the lifting,” Big Hos said, “now we’re using 80% of your guys 1-rep max so let’s get out those training journals and start plotting your numbers…”  Hos’s voice droned on describing the workouts progression.

A while later, after a lot of form correction, heavy lifting and some serious prowler conditioning…

“So, pretty good lifting session, huh?” Sly asked, putting on his hoodie.

“Yeah,” Bill said, wiping his drenched towel over his face.  “I never knew my form could be so bad.”  “I swear I must have done 500lbs worth of squats, only it was just the bar.”  “I’ve gotta get back at this!”  “You don’t get this type of training at other gyms.”

“I know,” Sly said.  “That’s why I come here.”  “I’m always pushed to the limit of my abilities and it’s always a great workout.”  “Even when I feel my worst, Hos and Steve always seem to make the most of what I can do because they care about everyone and giving you a quality workout.”  “And you’re right, you don’t get this experience at other gyms.”

“Yeah, despite feeling completely wasted,” Bill said, “I feel better than I’ve felt in years.”  “My hips are loose, my back doesn’t hurt and I’m ready to rock and roll.”  “After a nap of course.”

“Yeah, it’ll be a little rough for a while,” Sly said, “But as long as you follow Hos’ advice you should be fine.”  “It’ll be a week or so before you really start feeling human again after a workout.”

“Thanks for getting me started,” Bill said.  “With you and Coach Hos keeping me accountable, how could I not get in great shape.”  “I’m so glad I didn’t start this in January like I had first planned on with my New Year’s Resolution of getting back in shape at some other gym.”  “It just wouldn’t be the same.”

“Yep, I’m here for you buddy,” Sly said.  “You just gotta stick with it.”  “Be consistent and just show up, that’s it.”

“Yeah, no more going into the gym and walking on the treadmill for a workout,” Bill said.  “This is just what I needed.”

CPT SMASH –Don’t start your New Year’s Resolution off on the wrong foot.  Find a gym that fits you as a person and gives you the elements you need.  Mobility, strength, conditioning, to improve upon that awesomeness that is you!

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