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Silverback Blueprint

Silverback Blueprint Hostyle

The Silver Back Blueprint is a 90 day step-by-step transformation program for men that includes a clean meal plan, personalized supplementation, fat-burning & body Changing workouts, and daily inspiration to help you feel Strong and Confident, look AMAZING, & have the all the energy you want to do the things you really want to do

Here are some of the Program Highlights


  • I personally work in depth with 6 men for the 90 days
  • Trained by me 2 -3 times per week in an exclusive private group
  • Weekly accountability
  • Unlimited Access to all of our Boot Camp Classes 
  • Complete Food plan
  • Get your Testosterone levels up!
  • Burn Fat
  • Build lean muscle 
  • Secret” Facebook Group for all of our Silver Back members
  • ..and so much more

Silverback Blueprint Hostyle


I decided to sign up with Silverback’s because I was attracted to the idea of a longer term program which integrated sensible eating, exercise, group sessions and individual counseling. All four elements under one roof were very attractive to me. To date I have lost 29 pounds and I am loving it!

On this SilverBack program I learned how to:
• lose fat while satisfying hunger
• estimate proper portion sizes
• stay motivated and consistent, That was accomplish with the support of the SilverBack group
• Keep track of what I eat and what exercise I have done – this was a great help for me in keeping focus.

I would like to convey my very sincere appreciation to:
• SilverBack group was more of a group of friends then just clients of Silverbacks
• SilverBack guys for their continued support This was key to my success
• This was the key to my success!

Thanks to the Silverback’s, I am happy and healthy again
Luc (The smaller old man)


Silverback Blueprint Hostyle


Hey Curd you wanted a testimonial from us regarding the program and you wanted us to keep

it to 2 to 3 lines but I have never been one for the rules. Here is my Testimonial regarding the Silverback Blueprint:

“At some point in your life things start to get off the rails and one thing leads to the next and for me it was my weight.

Then I met Curd Hos of Hostyle Conditioning with his great staff and expert knowledge. I joined Hostyle to start to get in shape and I saw results immediately weight loss, increased muscle mass, etc. but something was still missing. I wasn’t getting the results I REALLY wanted. One day Curd came to me and asked me if I wanted to join this new program he was putting together called “The Silverback Blueprint”.

Curd provided us the tools: a meal plan that is simple and easy to follow, with meal substitutions options so you are not eating the same borrowing stuff every day, the pros and cons for certain foods and his all-round knowledge on how to train effectively.

The first thing he asked us to do was commit to 3 months of this and to develop our “Why are YOU doing this?”

This in itself was the single most powerful experience of the whole program as this created MY buy-in factor and sharing this with the group made it raw and real. As we started to meet regularly, friendships started to be created and bonds started to form and the group grew not only as a bunch of guys that got together to train but more like a family. I love the way that program is structured where each day’s work out there is something new followed by the alternating Deadlift and Bench work once a week all coming together on the weekend with some much needed Stretching/Mobility work.

This has been one of the most gratifying and successful experiences I have had in my life and I owe it all to Curd Hos, his team and best bunch of Silverback gorilla a guy could ask for. If you are looking for something different and something that will challenge everything you thought you knew about a proper diet and proper training then this program is for you. Give it a try I know you will not be disappointed, I certainly was not.”



Silverback Blueprint Hostyle

Curd why i was attracted to silver back is because of my wife had only good things to say about you because she trained with you in the past the other reason is i had a hard time walking because of my ankle and my knee and shoulders ect… The doctor told me to go for therapy. Best thing ever to join silver back



Silverback Blueprint Hostyle

Curd Hos I emailed you this earlier but wanted the group to know it – they have all been part of this journey. With Jodie (my wife), yourself and your team they have helped support and push me. They motivate me and from this I have new friends….

Three months ago I was a man in need of help. I was quickly approaching 300 lbs and while I had the motivation to get in better physical shape I needed help. I was snoring at a level that was impacting my family (and my poor wife, especially!!). I was not feeling good about myself physically. By coincidence, my wife (also a Hostyle member) saw The Silverback Blueprint (TSB) was going to start and signed me up immediately.

With the first session the change started. I was there with a group of similar men with a coach who understood. Curd immediately put us at ease and the motivation started. As did the brotherhood that was about to build.

TSB would fix how I would eat, train and think. All the while supported by Curd and his team while drawing upon the support of the group I was part of. We motivate each other. Feed off of each other.

Three months in I am a better man. I am stronger physically and mentally. I am leaner and not only do I feel it but others have noticed. Most importantly, my wife has noticed the difference. This meets my on-going goal to be there for my family tomorrow and every tomorrow.

I came in a man in need of help. I am now a better man. I am now a Silverback.

My journey continues with the TSB. I have new friends and am motivated by continued and new goals.

Thank you Curd. Thank you Hostyle. Thank you Silverbacks – I could not have gotten better to this degree and this fast alone!


Trefor Munn- Venn


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