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Silverback Blueprint Podcast Episode 001 Rebuilding Curd Hos Hostyle

Silverback Blueprint Podcast Episode 001 Rebuilding

Rebuilding the Silverback


In this podcast..

Curd talks about rebuilding.

Sometimes when we are knee deep in the rice paddies we can feel overwhelmed.

Take a step back, establish a 50m goal, and move forward step by step.



Start small, build on the little successes and create confidence moving forward. If we look all the things we want/ have to change we quickly become discouraged.

Don’t get paralyzed by fear.

You’ve heard this before..

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.

Stand up and start right now

  • do 20 push ups – I mean it – right now while you listen to the podcast
  • drink a big glass of water
  • grab your shit and head over to the gym… you can finish reading this when you get back

Taking immediate action is incredibly powerful!

You can do it – in fact you know deep down inside you have to

Stop feeling miserable – no one can fix it for you

Fix your SHIT!!


The fastest most direct way to really change is posted below..

Ready to become a Silverback?

Register for our next available session ==>HERE <==

The Silver Back Blueprint is a 90 day step-by-step transformation program for men that includes a clean meal plan, personalized supplementation, fat-burning & body Changing workouts, and daily inspiration to help you feel Strong and Confident, look AMAZING, & have the all the energy you want to do the things you really want to do

Mondays 8 pm

Wednesdays 8 pm

Saturdays 7:45 am

Here are some of the Program Highlights

  • I personally work in depth with 6 men for the 90 days
  • Trained by me 3 times per week in an exclusive private group
  • Weekly accountability
  • Unlimited Access to all of our Boot Camp Classes 
  • Complete Food plan
  • Learn how to deadlift
  • Train the bench press
  • Become proficient in Kettlebell training
  • Get your Testosterone levels up!
  • Burn Fat
  • Build lean muscle 
  • Access to the “Hangar” gym
  • Secret” Facebook Group for all of our Silverback members
  • ..and so much more

Register for our next available session ==>HERE <==


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