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How Do You Get Back In Shape?

Bill and Sly were out on a hunting trip to score a big buck with their bows this December.  Bill was having a rough day and was struggling to keep up to Sly, who seemed to just fly across the landscape as easily as the deer themselves.  Bill finally got up the nerve to ask Sly what his secret was to staying in shape over the holiday season.  There had to be something that Bill was missing.  He worked out, sure, but he still was huffing and puffing next to Sly who didn’t even seem winded after cresting the last knoll.

“Sly man, what are you on?” Bill said.  “You’re stalking these deer like a wolf, and I’m the lame one dragging up the rear!”

“Nothing much,” Sly replied.  “Just a bit a lifting and some metabolic conditioning.”  “You know wind sprints, intervals and the like.”

“Really, that’s it,” Bill replied.  “It seems like you’re outperforming me all over the place here.”  “I can’t keep up, although, I’ll admit part of the reason seems to be from my wife’s cooking.  I’ve acquired quite the gut over the holidays, what with Thanksgiving a month ago and in a week or so it’ll be Christmas.  It seems like there’s always some party to go to every weekend.”

“Yeah, it’s a busy time of year I guess,” Sly said, as he started securing the shrubbery around his selected tree stand.  “You just have to make the most of it and not worry about it so much.”  “Have fun, drink, be merry and crush some super awesome workouts when you can.”

“Well, I never really worried about it when I was younger, but now I’m starting to feel it,” Bill said.  “Heck, we’re just out walking in the woods like we did when we were teenagers.  Hunting for deer in the same back forest that we’ve always hunted in and I’ve never felt so winded and tired.  And overweight!”  “I need to do something.”

“Be quiet or you’ll scare all the deer away with your stench of self-loathing,” Sly chuckled.  “Why don’t you try coming to the gym with me for a few sessions?”  “I hear the gym has a new Fat Burner class starting up in January too, that’ll get you started off right in the New Year.”

“Sly that’s a great idea, I need someone that’ll help me,” Bill said, “but do you have time?”

“Well, I’ll help you out a little bit,” Sly said, “but the gym I go to will help you more, their coaches are primed and geared for this sort of thing.”  “They keep me going when I’m losing my mojo and give me that subtle kick in the pants when I need it.” “Plus the workouts are always different and challenging, even when we’re doing a powerlifting class, which is my favorite.  That’s the key Bill, just keeping enough variety in your training, but enough consistency to keep you progressing up in weights and ability.”

“Sounds good,” Bill remarked.

“They’ll even be able to help you with this dietary problem you’ve seem to have acquired,” Sly said jokingly.  “Not to mention they keep you accountable, that’s important too!”

“Only if they can put a hold on my wife’s habit of making lasagna and pizza rolls!” Bill laughed.

“Alright, now shutup so we can get a deer,” Sly said.  “Go get in your stand.”

Bill stalked off to go setup his own tree stand.  It was near mid-morning now and the fog was starting to lift off the fields.  He got his stand up in a few minutes and settled in to wait for the deer returning from their foraging efforts in the mixed patches of snow and grass, contemplating what Sly had told him.

He needed a change, something effective, because what he was doing obviously wasn’t working.  He needed help and he needed it now.  There’s no way he was going to keep headed in this downward spiral of misery.  He felt miserable and distraught because he couldn’t do what he loved and everything was harder than it should be.  He made the decision that the very day that he would make a change.  Tomorrow was that day.  It wasn’t a resolution, it was a mission!  He had to do it!


-CPT SMASH –When things are not going your way and you notice you’re starting to slip into poor habits get some help.  Get started immediately when you notice a problem and find the people that can help you get there.  That’s how you stay in shape.  Don’t let the holidays or anything else stand in your way.

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