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Wonder Woman Arms Bootcamp

When you look in the mirror and you see yourself.

You want toned triceps, scuplted shoulders,


wonder woman arms bootcamp

Wonder Woman Arms Bootcamp is the solution!

Wonder Woman Arms pairs fat burning cardio with Arm and Shoulder exercises that will transform how you look next time you go sleeveless  in your Christmas party or bikini on the next trip down south.

Well – defined arms with lovely shape are the perfect accessory to your dream body!

Training HARD is about igniting the Badass inside! Pushing your limits in a workout carries over to the Hero inside you!

These Workouts are designed to create power and confidence in your body.


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Wonder Woman Arms Bootcamp is not your average workout, which is perfect because you are no longer settling for “Average” anymore!

You will never repeat the same workout in this bootcamp.

You will Always feel like your in a supportive and fun setting with your sisters in arms!


wonder woman arms bootcamp hostyle

Our Next Wonder Woman Arms Bootcamp starts

September 26th 2017

Its Runs on Tuesday and Thursdays at 8 pm

It includes

  • Fun and challenging Arm specific workouts
  • A different workout each time
  • 21 day Wonder Woman Meal Plan
  • Wonder Woman Success Kit ( See Picture Below)



Wonder Woman Success Kit

– Carry all bag for your workout gear

– 60 day supply of Super HCA – Fat Blocker – Appetite suppressor

– Protein sample packs

– 2 free post workout smoothies








It’s time to take ACTION!

Next Wonder Woman Arms Bootcamps starts

Tuesday September 26th


I`m already proud of you!!

Crush – A – Diem