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Silverback Blueprint for men over 40

Our Men lose 25 – 40 lbs

– Limited – Only 6 Men accepted – next session Mon January 15th  @ 8 pm

The Silver Back Blueprint is a 90 day step-by-step transformation program for men that includes a clean meal plan, personalized supplementation, fat-burning & body Changing workouts, and daily inspiration to help you feel Strong and Confident, look AMAZING, & have the all the energy you want to do the things you really want to do

Here are some of the Program Highlights

  • I personally work in depth with 6 men for the 90 days
  • Learn Kettlebells
  • Rebuild your Bench Press
  • Build a great deadlift – ( we fix your back problems too)
  • Trained by me 2 -3 times per week in an exclusive private group
  • Weekly accountability
  • Unlimited Access to all of our Boot Camp Classes 
  • Complete Food plan
  • Get your Testosterone levels up!
  • Burn Fat
  • Build lean muscle 
  • Secret” Facebook Group for all of our Silver Back members
  • ..and so much more
It’s obvious I have struck a chord with many of you potential Silverbacks!


I have to admit I’m very, very excited to launch this Blueprint.


One of the coolest thing is that doing this with the 6 first Silverbacks helped me tremendously. It’s was almost a bit selfish.


You see, I’m going to be doing the program along with you guys. I won’t be training when you’re training I’m there coaching you guys. But the very same workouts I will be putting you through I am doing.


The nutrition plan you will be following; I am currently following.


When you weigh in on Mondays for accountability, I will be weighing in right there with you.


I will be living and breathing the very same air you guys will be.


What does this mean?


Well I’m walking the walk with you guys, It’s one the reasons you often feel like I’m in your head when I speak to the issues we face being over 40 and out of shape physically and mentally!


Do you honestly think the 23-year-old trainer who has never been over weight, doesn’t have a family or the other big life commitments’ like a home or a business, gets what its really like to be where you and I are?


I highly doubt it!


The Training Schedule
The next program starts Monday February 5th @ 8 pm
It will run on the following days and times


Monday 8 pm
Wednesday 8 pm
Saturday 7:45 am


Session last 55 minutes – this includes


5 minute talk – Q & A
5-8 minute warm up
25-40 Minute workout
5 – 8 minute cool down


Silverback Blueprint Cost


The cost for the Silverback Blueprint is $367 per month – 3 month Commitment


This includes your
12 Semi Private sessions – with me
Nutrition plan – what to eat – when to eat
Private Facebook group – tips – daily Motivation
Weekly weigh in Accountability
Before and After Pics
Email access to me throughout Program


Look at this way


12 Personal Training Session with me – are $95 per session That’s $1140
Nutritional Program with a Nutritionist is $149 – $249 per month
That’s over $ 1400 per month


The Silverback Blueprint is a fraction of that.


Lets make it even more real


How much are you spending a day or month on Smoking?
How much are you spending a week or month on Booze?
How much are you spending a week or month on Junk food, Pizza, Lotto tickets etc ?


What are you already spending?


A pack a day of smokes is easily $ 250 – $300 a month
Your tab at the pub or the beer store is easily over $200 a month (mine was over $400)
Add in the junk food, the garbage and other shit …..


When u get up in the Morning


When was the last time you woke up and looked in the mirror and said
“Fuck I’m glad I smoked that whole pack of cigarettes yesterday”


Looking in the mirror while shaving, you see your gut and think to yourself “that plate of Nachos and pitcher of beer was totally worth it!”


Bending down and feeling your back screaming – you thought to yourself – “I’m loving what rotting on the couch is doing for me!”

Listen guys,
If you are ready to make some real changes and be part of something really awesome I would love to have you in the Silverback Blueprint.
AS I mentioned at the beginning there is 2 spots left – I want you to take action and turn your lives around.
You can be a part of this or you can sit back and watch the updates and see the progress the Silverbacks will be making starting Monday February 5th @ 8 pm!
  • Step up
  • Take Action
  • Become the Hero in your own movie today!!!
I will see some of you at our next Silverback Blueprint next session Monday February 5th @ 8 pm
Guys this Program sells out weeks before the start date, click on the button to secure your spot


See how the Silverback Blueprint affected Vince

Silverback Blueprint

Curd Hos I emailed you this earlier but wanted the group to know it – they have all been part of this journey. With Jodie (my wife), yourself and your team they have helped support and push me. They motivate me and from this I have new friends….

Three months ago I was a man in need of help. I was quickly approaching 300 lbs and while I had the motivation to get in better physical shape I needed help. I was snoring at a level that was impacting my family (and my poor wife, especially!!). I was not feeling good about myself physically. By coincidence, my wife (also a Hostyle member) saw The Silverback Blueprint (TSB) was going to start and signed me up immediately.

With the first session the change started. I was there with a group of similar men with a coach who understood. Curd immediately put us at ease and the motivation started. As did the brotherhood that was about to build.

TSB would fix how I would eat, train and think. All the while supported by Curd and his team while drawing upon the support of the group I was part of. We motivate each other. Feed off of each other.

Three months in I am a better man. I am stronger physically and mentally. I am leaner and not only do I feel it but others have noticed. Most importantly, my wife has noticed the difference. This meets my on-going goal to be there for my family tomorrow and every tomorrow.

I came in a man in need of help. I am now a better man. I am now a Silverback.

My journey continues with the TSB. I have new friends and am motivated by continued and new goals.

Thank you Curd. Thank you Hostyle. Thank you Silverbacks – I could not have gotten better to this degree and this fast alone!


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