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Powerlifting Ottawa

Powerlifting Ottawa

Powerlifting in Ottawa – From Novice to competitive lifter – work with supervised coaching Improve your bench press – deadlift – squat. Small groups

Our Powerlifting mission at Hostyle

To teach as many people who are interested in Powerlifting to do so effectively and safely!

No doubt, powerlifting is the big rage right now, and rightly so!

The 3 classic lifts

The Squat

The Bench Press

The Deadlift

Build power and strength like no other form of training.

But Powerlifting also presents a problem for many men and women (yes I said women!).

Most newbie lifters are either afraid to train these lifts due to intimidation of the unknown or fear of getting hurt.

or Worse yet

They start working on the big 3 and they learn incorrectly either on their own or with personal trainers who think they can teach it even though they don’t know how to do it properly themselves.

Taught by Coaches who powerlift and compete

I call it the personal trainer’s dilusion – That’s the trainer that will tell the client they can train them for powerlifting to get the sale, then look it up on youtube later.

Our powerlifting coaches have years of experience training, competing and coaching powerlifting.

Our Powerlifting Mission

We focus on

  • Mobility
  • Form
  • Technique
  • Execution

We never focus on the amount of weight a client lifts at first, we want to teach the best habits, discover the lifters weaknesses first and address those.


To do this properly we have developed different levels of programming

The Powerlifting 101 Series.

These are 6 week beginner level group classes that take someone with little to no powerlifting experience and teach them the basics – mobility – technique – basic strength prep.

These are small groups 8 -10 lifters that are coach lead and supervised


Warm ups

Each workout starts with a mobility based warm up to prepare the body to move better abd perform safely

The Workout

Each workout progresses weekly though a 6 week program – building skill sets and improving the body’s mobility – functionality and strength and performance on that particular lift.

Cool Down

Each workout has a specific cool down to build better flexibility and recovery.


Squat 101 

Mondays 6 – 7 pm

6 week Duration

Sign up HERE for next Session < == Click Here next session starts Oct 29th 2018

Bench Press 101

Tuesdays 6 – 7 pm

6 week Duration

Sign up HERE for next Session < == Click Here – next session starts Oct 30th 2018

Deadlift 101

Thursdays 6 – 7 pm

6 week Duration

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Intermediate to competitive Powerlifting Group

Prequisite – 101 Series or can demonstrate the lifter possesses the proper basic form and function of each movement.

Small group Coach lead

Coach supervises lifters and creates specific program cycles, including contest prep – any lift can be trained at the sessions times below.

Monday 7-8pm

Thurday 7-8 pm

Saturday 10 am – noon

Membership required Contact us @ [email protected]

Powerlift on your Own

Already know what your doing but looking for a great powerlifting gym – great equipment and even better atmosphere?

The Hangar – our 6000 sq ft open gym is the place to get your lift on.

Whether you just want to drop in occasionally (day pass is $20) – get your 1 week pass for only $1 here ==> 1 week for a $1 trial <==

or join the Hangar, contact us at [email protected] put “Hangar” in the subject line

Some of the Hangar Highlights

  • 6000 sq ft space – limited number of memberships available – no over crowding
  • 7 squat stations
  • 4 olympic competition bench press’s
  • belt squat
  • prone row
  • Rogue deadlift bars
  • Rogue power bar
  • York international bar
  • 2 safety squat bars
  • 2 swiss bars
  • 3 trap bars
  • 6+ regular olympic bars
  • dumbells 5 – 200 lbs
  • selectorized Strength machines
  • 7 Adjustable db benches
  • kettlebells
  • Chains
  • bands
  • lots an lots of 45 lbs plates
  • and we keep adding new toys every month
  • bright
  • clean


These classes are focused on the 3 big lifts: bench, squat and dead lifts. Some people work on their bench press, some people work on their deadlifting and others work on their squats.

The class last 1 hour, 2 hours on the Saturday session , depending upon the actual workout and the accessory work involved.

One or two coaches are available for spotting and coaching technique and form.

Starting Powerlifting in Ottawa has never been easier

Each training session focuses on the bench press, squats, deadlifts, as well as technique, coaching and spotting so that you can keep pressing those big weights to the max!

As you can see we have options from the sheer novice lifter to the competitive powerlifting athlete.

My Powerlifting in Ottawa has been over 25 years

It has given me so much, I want to do what I can to help every powerlifter no matter how old, male or female, newbie to seasoned lifter, the benefit of my knowledge and experience in our Hostyle Facility here in Ottawa.

Lift more – Perform Better

Curd Hos