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Hostyle youth strength & conditioning

Youth Strength & Conditioning – Inspiring 13-17 yr old boys and girls to live up to their full potential

The Hostyle youth strength & conditioning program focuses on developing movement rather than muscle. Our focus is on balance, agility, quickness, core stability, posture, reactivity, strength and mobility.

Our mission at Hostyle Youth Conditioning is to improve young athletes’ athleticism, strength and cardio vascular capabilities while further developing their character and self-esteem through physical fitness.

We believe that a better conditioned athlete will always perform at his or her chosen sport at a much higher level while handling the rigours of training, practice and competing as well as the scholastic demand in their lives.

A stronger body produces a sharper mind along with improved self-esteem and confidence.

Our youth Strength & conditioning coach, Greg Veenstra, runs an excellent system for assessing and training young athletes.

Our youth program was developed utilising an athlete’s individual assessments to determine strengths and weakness. We also use subsequent assessments to measure the improvements that are attained through our “dryland” or conditioning training.

Our Services are:

1. Individual assessments – tests an athlete’s:

  • Strength
  • Explosiveness
  • Core stability
  • Cardio vascular fitness
  • Speed
  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Body weight

Costs: $20 per person or $250 per team (based on a max of 17 players)

2. Dryland Youth Conditioning includes:

  • Mobility and dynamic warm up 5 – 8 minutes
  • Main workout 30-35 minutes
  • Mobiliy based cool down 5 – 8 minutes

Cost: $20 per person or $195 per team (max 17 players) $160 per team with a commitment of 6 sessions or more

Open Youth classes schedule

Mon – Tues – Wed – Thurs5 :00 pm

Arrive 10 minutes before class for any paperwork if it’s your son or daughter’s 1st class

$20 per session

(please arrive 10 minutes early to be ready)

We also have Team rates please contact via the form below for team training and Assessment details.

We proudly limit group size to 10 kids max to allow for quality instruction!

PDF brochure to download, print and share.

To book Team Sessions please contact us using this online form.

Want to meet us?

If you would like myself or Greg to come out and meet with your executive or do a small warm up or workout at your next dryland session we would be happy to do so.

If you would like to book us for any of the above services please contact us at

613-830-9300 or email me [email protected] or Greg at [email protected]

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