Hostyle Conditioning

Bench Press Seminar / Workshop

Bench Press Seminar Workshop Hostyle Conditioning


Saturday Feb 10th 2017 – SOLD OUT in 24 Hours
from 1 pm to 4 pm


Next Seminar Date

Saturday Feb 24th 2017

Hostyle Conditioning
1977 St Joseph Blvd
Orleans, Ontario
K1C 1E5

Curd Hos Masters (49 years old) Multi Record holder in the Bench press

CPF 545 lbs Dec 2017
RPS 550 lbs April 2017

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Who is this for:

The Novice lifter to intermediate competitor (0-6 meets experience)

3 hour – Hands on Work Shop –

Hour 1
The Set Up

Hour 2
Bar Path and Leg Drive –

Hour 3
Max Attempts & Form Critique

This is also your chance to use

– Competitive Bench Press Equipment (we have 4)
– Competition Rogue Power bars


6 Week Take away Program –
Hostyle T Shirt –

Limit 8 lifters


Sign Up Here ==> Bench Press Seminar Registration <==