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the secret to a big bench

What’s the secret?

Whats the Secret to a big bench press?

I have been doing some Hostyle Gear tours over the last 2 months. Every 2 weeks I went out to a store or gym that carries our Hostyle Gear, wrist wraps, belts and other training gear.

It’s my way of helping support these gyms and stores as a way to thank them for carrying the line.

I usually hold a bench workshop.

Teach some basics – have people work their bench press while I watch and coach them through some basic albeit import technique.

Then I will do a demo and bench up to 500 ish, you know walk the walk.

Then I open it up for Q n A

Inevitably the big question comes out at some point.

Curd, whats the secret to big bench?

At 49 I’m Stronger on the bench than ever…

I must have the Secret right?

Every month there is a new program that’s hitting the interwebs.

Is 5-3-1 better than Juggernaught

Is Sheiko better than Westside

I’m 10/20 for life mutha fucka !!

I’m sure I’m forgetting some or don’t even know of them all!

and it goes on and will go on too.

First off all these programs are great!

If not for the simple fact they are something to follow and gauge and measure progress.

The problem or limitation as I see it isn’t so much with the program(s), but the it’s in the end user.

9/10 times I see people in the gym or on the internet doing their thing. Thinking that its the program their working on that’s gonna do it for them.


The one thing I see all around me or better yet what I don’t see is this

HARD FUCKING WORK! <== shhhh that’s the secret….

I see iPhones out being fiddled with between sets

I see people laughing and joking

I see people taking 12 minutes rests between sets.

I see shitty unfocused form and execution.

What I don’t see enough of

Journals being used (books written in – not these silly apps)

Timers being used for keeping rest periods shorter and the intensity higher.

People out of breath and sweating.

Quiet and intent on thinking about the next set coming up.

Taking your journal at the end of your workout and summarizing what the workout was like.

Honest assessment as to what your weaknesses are, and then work the shit out of them!

That’s the secret!

And the coolest part, it stays a secret coz very few people want to do the hard work!

Deep down everyone knows the secret, but they pretend that’s not it!

There must be another secret.. an easier secret…

So it will always be “THE SECRET”

The worst kept secret




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