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Sally’s Top Secret Fat Loss Trick

Sally was doing everything right or so she thought.  She had been cross-training with weekly bouts of running and weight training with some light weights at home as per her friend Susan’s guidance to help her fat loss goals, but she still wasn’t seeing the results she wanted.  Sally knew there had to be something she was missing, so she thought she’d stop in at the local gym to get an assessment to figure out where she was going wrong.  She had some great results in the beginning, but now the weight loss was just slowing to a grinding halt.  Oh, the agony!  What to do, what to do?


Torture Devices

Sally stepped into the gym and was greeted at the door by an array of various torture contraptions and people milling about rapidly undergoing their personal torture.  She could see people hanging from bars pulling their bodies up and down in a rhythmic motion, while others were hoisting large bell shaped objects above their heads so fast she could barely see them moving.  Others were over in the corner squatting with so many weights she couldn’t even count them, the plates jingling with every up and down motion they performed.  Still others were on the ground and performing rounds and rounds of sitting up, touching their ankles and then back down.

Sally was a bit afraid, but she ventured on to the counter where Big Hos, an enthusiastic soul with a loud boisterous laugh remarked, “Hey, what’s going on?” “How can I help?”

“Well,” Sally stammered, looking around hesitantly, “I’m here for an assessment.”

“Okay, what kind of assessment are you looking for,” Big Hos asked.  “Did you sign up online for one?”

“Well, no I was hoping I could just come in and chat with someone about my goals and problems to see where I’m going wrong,” Sally said.

“Oh, okay,” Big Hos said.  “No problem, I’ll hook you up with Steve when he has a minute and we’ll get you going.”  “Just need you to fill out some forms real quick and you’ll be off to the races.  Okay?”

“Great sounds good,” Sally said, taking the paperwork over to the counter to begin filling it out.

“Steve will be over in a few minutes,” Big Hos said, as he motioned to the powerful looking man, working with a group of women on their squat form.



Sally had just finished filling out her forms when Steve started walking over to her.

“So, hey I’m Steve,” Steve said, “I’ll be taking care of your assessment today.”  “To start off we’re just going to chat about your goals, health history and whatever you’d like.”  “You okay with that?”

“Yep, I’ll get right to the point then, as I’m very frustrated with my fitness goals and I’m trying so hard to get there,” Sally said.  “I’m cross-training like my friend said to do, running and light weights at home.”  “My diet is good.”  “And I don’t know where to go from there.  Do you have any advice?”

“Well, write down what your overall program looks like, date and times, hours of work, type of exercises, sets and reps, so I can get a better look at what you’re doing,” Steve asked, handing Sally a piece of paper.

“Okay, sure,” Sally said and began scribbling down notes.  Steve waited quietly while she finished and took the paper away to glance over.

“So have you been doing this for a while now?” Steve asked.

“Yeah, about three months now,” Sally said.  “And at first this was working really well, I lost twelve pounds and am almost to my goal weight, but I’m struggling to get any further gains.”  “I’m just stuck!”

“Got it, I can see what exactly what’s going on here,” Steve said.  “You’re doing the same program over and over without increasing the intensity or types of exercise.”  “This is a pretty easy fix, but you’re going to have to start training at a real gym to get some further results.”

“Okay,” Sally said.  “But why am I stalled on my weight loss?”

“Well, you see the body is very efficient,” Steve said.  “Once it’s been stressed to the point of adapting to exercise, it must constantly be stressed to get further along.”  “Does that make sense?”

“Sort of,” Sally said.  “Kinda like when I started running and I asked my friend Sarah what to do to get over being so constantly sore from running?”

“I’m not sure how that conversation went down,” Steve said, “but yeah, stressing the body out with rigorous bouts of exercise is what helps drive the transformation process, especially when we’re talking about fitness goals.”  “Your goal is to get to a certain weight or body composition, right?”

“Yeah,” Sally said.

“So in order to do that you have to keep the body adapting to different stimuli over the course of time,” Steve said.  “You have to constantly challenge your body with new things at a higher level of intensity, otherwise your body won’t continue to change.”

“Okay, makes sense,” Sally said.  “So what do I need to do to change up my routine?”

“Well, for starters you’ve outgrown your little pink weights at home,” Steve said.  “It’s time to get rid of the training wheels and start pedaling the big two wheeler!”  “Those lighter weights and regular bodyweight exercises are holding you back.”  “You’ve got to drive the change in your body through ever increasing weights and maybe add in some metabolic cardio to stimulate those changes.”

“Alright, like?” Sally asked.

“Well for starters let’s get you into the gym for some quick tutorials on how to lift the heavier weights safely,” Steve said.  “You know, the squats, deadlifts, pullups, overhead pressing and even some bench press—those are your big money maker exercises.”

“Sure, I’ve always been curious about those, but scared to try,” Sally said.  “They look so cumbersome and awkward.”

“Yeah, they’re very difficult exercises for sure, but they have big payoffs in terms of strength and muscular definition,” Steve said.  “Those pink dumbbells are great for curls, lunges and lateral raises, but to increase your overall caloric burn and stimulate those muscles to have that toned and sculpted look you have to build some muscle, while burning the fat.”  “In a basic sense, that’s toning, a word I hate to use, but you should recognize it.”

“Sure, everyone wants that sculpted muscle look,” said Sally, turning suddenly to look at one of the gals in the corner squatting some very serious weight.  “I won’t start with that weight will I?”

Steve turned to look at where Sally was pointing.  “Oh, no, that’s one of my advanced clients,” Steve said.  “She’s been training for years to get up to that point, but she looks great right?”

“Yeah, definitely,” Sally said.  “I’d really like to have her legs!”

“Well, you can’t have hers, but you can make a pair of your own look quite nicely with a lot of work and dedicated training,” Steve said.  “Now, onto the other topic of adding some metabolic cardio into your program.”

“Sure,” Sally said.



“Now it’s got many different names, like HIT (high intensity training), intervals, speed work, sprints, whatever, basically it means you’re doing bouts of work for a certain length of time at a great deal of intensity.”  “You’re pushing your body as hard as it can go for a short amount of time, taking a bit of rest and then plugging through it again,” Steve said.  “You should only be able to do a certain amount of this type of work or you’re not working hard enough.”  “This pushes your body past plateaus since it’s very demanding on the body and causes a big shock to the body.”

“Okay, sounds rough,” Sally remarked.

“Sure, it is, but results take a lot of work to attain,” Steve said, “You just have to figure out if you want it badly enough.”

Sally looked around at the various men and women surrounding the gym.  She wanted it.  She wanted it badly.  “Yes, I definitely want the results.”

“Okay then,” Steve said.  “Let’s start out with the basics.”  “I’ll put you down to start out on some private coaching to get you into the swing of things and get your form down pat for the big resistance exercises three times a week.  Then we’ll add in some classes for the metabolic cardio to help boost that metabolism and kickstart fat burning into high gear.  Let’s say two classes a week.  Sound okay?”

“Sure, Sally said, “But what about my running?”

“Oh, I want you to keep doing your runs,” Steve said.  “At this point your running is more of a feel good and recovery tool.  Keep those in check to just keep the body moving and help your recovery from the strenuous workouts.”

“Alright,” Sally said.  “Sounds good.  I don’t know what I’d do now without my runs.”

“Yeah, you should find your runs get even easier, as with the added strength you’ll be able to run faster in less time.  Keep them simple and not overly long,” Steve added.  “So, that’s three days a week with me training the big weights, two days of metabolic cardio and two or three runs per week.  That should kick things up a notch on your program.  And don’t worry about your diet as of yet, let’s get a couple weeks into your training and then we’ll evaluate your diet to go along with your new workout regimen.”

“Alright, sounds awesome!” Sally said.  “I can’t wait to start, can I come in tomorrow?”

“Sure, I’ll put you down for 9am, does that work,” Steve said.

“I’ll make it happen,” Sally said.

“Alright then, the time is yours,” Steve said, marking something in his calendar.  “Get all rested up tonight and get ready for some serious training tomorrow.”

“I will,” Sally said.  “Thanks again and I’ll see you tomorrow, Steve.”  Sally turned and walked out of the gym, satisfied that she was again going to get to those results.  It was going to be a lot of work, but damn that girl looked good doing those squats.  She would have those legs and arms be damned hell or high water.


-CPT SMASH – The secret fat loss trick is to keep on challenging the body through a variety of training methods, strength training, long slow cardio and metabolic workouts.  The body only cooperates with your goals if you challenge it each and every time you train.

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