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The Road to 275

Week #24

Back to the weekly weigh ins….

So been consistent with the couch to 5k run program – Monday – Wednesday – Friday. Two Muredrous Kettlebell workouts Saturday and Mondaym as well my benching on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

It was time to see what the scale thought of all that…

Here is the results of my last 2 weeks…

How are your goals coming along?

Crush it!!

Week #15

Hey everyone, it’s been a few weeks since I posted my weekely weigh in Status.

I have been super busy (still not a excuse)

I also got hit with bronchitis and fever so that took some time to get back into the training swing of things. But I have been back into training for the last week to 10 days.

Especially pleased that I am back doing my 5 k walks, although it’s been quite chilly and rainy, so i’m really looking forward to some sunshine.

Check out the Video

Week #11

I have missed a few weeks of video tapping my weigh ins I have been weighing in weekly, but have been remiss in getting some videos up.

here is my latest Video to get caught up!

Crush It!

Week #9 of the 275 challenge

And after my long weekend in Sudbury with my kids hockey tournament.

Food was an issue living in a hotel, going from arena to arena. so I knew I had to buckle down come monday.

I worked really hard monday, tuesday, wednesday and then hit the scale Thursday. Check out the video below to see how I did.

Week #7 Weigh in

So, I have to admit after last weeks 4 lb weight gain after my 2 extra cheat days in Toronto last Monday and Tuesday, I was back to the grind stone for this week.

To be perfectly honest weighing in every week and putting my results up on video, really makes a big difference for keeping me accountable.

I also knew where the damage from last week came from, so in knowing and being honest with myself I am better prepared to fix and tweak things.

The Hostyle Training system and the Man Diet work! It’s just up to the individual to follow the simple steps that are outlined in the system.

So I went downstairs for the weigh in this morning feeling tighter and confident because I had done the steps.

The question was did I drop the 4 lbs from last week?, did I do less?, or did I lose even more?

Check out the Video below

Crush It!


Week 6 is here.

Wasn’t expecting a great weigh in after my monday night extra cheat nite while in Toronto for the Leafs game. It was a great night out with my wife and with the nachos and beer, as well as two days of train food, I couldn’t expect anything else.

That being said, my rule about not losing weight at a weigh-in comes into effect.

Any week I don’t achieve a weight loss, I lose the saturday nite cheat nite, in order to get back on track!

So, like I said i’m not surprised , but still disappointed. I will however use this as more motivation to get back on track.

Crush it!

It’s Week #5 of the road to 275 weigh in.

I have had a big week of training, and another weigh in this morning.

Check it out!

Alright week #4 is upon us.

I had a great workout last night with Tobin (tah-bin) he delivered another great kettlebell workout that really pushed us on a strength isometric level.

I weighed in and hit my steady state treadmill this morning and shot this video with my weigh in update.

Crushing it!!

OK week #3 is here

Things have been going well. Knowing I am shooting this weekly video really helps keep me focused.

Alright its now the first week on the Man diet and my resolution of 275 lbs

check out my first weigh in below.

So as my first video will show my new years resolution is too get my weight down to 275.

Each week i will post my weekly weigh in update to cover my progress.

Here’s the first video

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