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rich machell hostyle gear athlete

Rich Machell – Hostyle Gear Sponsored athlete – Blogging his journey

I had announced a month or so ago that having a Fitness Brand that’s growing and reaching more people

I get inundated with requests for “Sponsorship ” requests.

Being me and thinking about how Hostyle serves the world I knew I wanted anyone

I sponsor to bring the message of health and fitness from a wanting to help others with their personal journey.

As opposed to a person taking a bunch of selfies and making “duck” lips (what the fuck started that shit)


rich machell hostyle gear athlete

Rich Machell is just that person

I liked him from the first time I met him. He does so much for the strength community.

He’s someone that I’m glad to introduce and bring into the Hostyle Family

let’s meet him



If You’re Not Doing What You Enjoy, Why The Fuck Are You Doing It?

This is my first blog post with Hostyle. It’s definitely the perfect platform to express my opinions,

and point of view. I am more than happy to have this opportunity. So let’s begin.

I’m not going to go into great detail to explain who I am, you will learn as we go along. What I will

say is that I am an average dude who tries to balance family, work and my own lifting, to become

the best me possible. Not the best Powerlifter, not the best Strongman, not the best Crew Lead at

work, but be the best me. Family takes priority but it all needs to be balanced for personal



I have competed in strength athletics since 2005, married since then as well. My first Strongman

comp had me hooked. I competed locally for a while then made my way into the World’s Natural

Strongman Federation. I was fortunate enough to compete in Calgary twice, West Virginia for the

North American Championships and brought a show locally as a fundraiser for Belleville General

Hospital (oncology).


As the years went on, I slowly started to test out other sports. I dabbled in Powerlifting with the

100% RAW Federation, did one non-sanctioned Weightlifting meet, did some wrestling, BJJ and

even kickboxing. I enjoyed all of it. I took time away from competing in Strongman and found

other things that made me happy athletically. Wow. Strongman was such a huge part of my life.


I loved it when people found out my name and said “Hey you’re that Strongman for the hospital”

or people stopping and shouting as my friends and I pulled a transport for fun on a Sunday



Problem for most? Nope. For me? Yep. Some days I wanted to do something else but I couldn’t

let go. I was afraid that if I did something else, people wouldn’t remember me or even care. I was

afraid I’d lose my identity as The Strongman. Think about that? I know lots of people who let

their sport, let their job, let their online persona define who they are as a person. I was doing the

same although I didn’t enjoy it as much anymore. I was afraid to lose that title. I have an

amazing wife who would love me no matter what I did, but I was afraid to let the Strongman

persona go. How douchey eh?


Fast forward to Feb 6th 2016.

I ran a Powerlifting meet (or for you hardcore warriors, a Bench &

Deadlift Meet) called Muscle MASSacre. It was designed to bring beginners and experienced

lifters together in an environment that would have the newbies salivating to jump into the sport

and for the veterans, a chance to shake some off-season rust and help the newbs. Mission

accomplished. I will have more on this meet at another time.


One of the big highlights of the day was after the show wrapped up. I walked into a conversation

with some VERY strong dudes. Very strong is an understatement. All these guys are at the top

of their divisions, hold or have held National records in Powerlifting.

You always read about how hardcore you have to be, you have to eat, sleep, breathe it. That is

true for the 1% out there that have a shot at World records and MAYBE making a living off it.

Even those folks have a limited time at it.


Here are some quotes that blasted me in the face.

Clint Harwood – “Ï ran a powerlifting gym for 11 years and still don’t classify myself a powerlifter. I

just lift weights and sometimes I do it at a Powerlifting meet, but I’m no Powerlifter. If someone

told me tomorrow that I couldn’t lift again, ok…I will move onto something else”


Bradie Johnston – “I don’t give a fuck about what others think. I do steroids because I want to. I

powerlift because I want to. Once I do what I want to in this sport, I will just move on to something



Curd Hos – “People say I’m not a Powerlifter because I only do bench press. Ok, so what?”


That was an eye opening “Silverback Roundtable Uncensored”chat. These guys are heavily

involved in the sport and DON’T LET IT DEFINE THEM. Maybe, just maybe more people can

learn from this. I sure as hell did.


So what does this mean for me? If I want to skip back squats for a while and go to some

kickboxing again, I will. If I want to do some running for a 5km Mud Run, I will. If I want to play

Dodgeball twice per week, I will. Will it hurt my “gains”? Maybe. I will at the LEAST…have fun

doing it.


Don’t give a shit what others think. Stand tall, be proud of YOU and whatever you want to do. As


Dr. Dre said… “So fuck ya’ll all of ya’ll, if ya’ll don’t like me, blow me”


Thank you HOSTYLE!

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25+ Years Personal Trainer - Specialize in Men and women over 40 Bench Press Athlete Best Comp Bench CPF 534 lbs Raw Feb 2017 RPS 550 lbs Raw April 2017 Founder Hostyle Conditioning Founder Hostyle Gear Founder Hostyle Kettlebell Systems

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  1. Michelle Avery - October 31, 2016 11:14 am

    Raw and real-Love it.


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