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How Much Do You Want It? Results that is.

Amy Stopelgo walked away from the spa slightly more perturbed than she had entered. It wasn’t her manicure or full body massage that was bothering her though. Something was bugging her and she just couldn’t shake that nagging feeling that she’d experienced so many times before.  She just couldn’t believe she’d been weight training for weeks now with minimal progress.  It was always so quick before.  She’d start up a new program, suffer through the weights, the dieting and get some good results.  Now this time, she felt as though she was spinning in circles.

Amy was the type A personality that loved a challenge and she was always on the go.  The only problem was at times she lacked commitment.  She loved trying new strategies and techniques, but just when she got to where she wanted to be something happened and she’d quit.  Not anymore she had decided.  She was dedicated and determined to get to her goals.  Regardless the cost…

A short while later at the gym.

“Hey Amy,” her coach, Steve said, upon Amy opening the door of the gym.  “How was the weekend?”  “Everything good?”

“Well, the weekend was okay, nothing special,” Amy replied.  “Went out on Saturday evening and it was all good until the beer and chicken wings came out…then, I lost control.”

“Hmmm, well that’s not good,” Steve said.  “Why do you put yourself in those compromising situations?”

“I don’t know, it’s like I know I’m going to be tempted and then all of a sudden it’s just like upon me and I’m doing something I shouldn’t,” Amy said.

“Well, you know this scenario is one of many that you’ve told me about,” Steve said.  “How is it you expect to get great results when you won’t stick with the program?”

“But it’s so HARD,” Amy complained.  “All the other times I’ve worked with a trainer, I’ve had awesome success!”  “Even in a few short weeks.  I’ve been training with you for over a month now and I’m flustered!”

And this is where coach Steve loses his cool.  “I can see that,” Steve said, “the only problem is you haven’t bought into the program!”  “You can’t expect great results when you’re only giving me subpar effort, Amy.  It’s just not going to happen.”

“Why not?” Amy said.  “Most of the time in my other training experiences it’s been easy to lose weight.”

“Of course,” Steve said.  “But what happened after you got there?”

Amy looked at Steve questionably.  “I quit.”

“Why?” Steve asked.

“I-I don’t know,” Amy said unsure.

“I’ll tell you why, because you don’t have the commitment to succeed,” Steve said harshly.  “You want results, then show me what you’ve given up to get this success?”

“Well, I gave up bacon,” Amy stammered.

“I didn’t ask you to give up bacon,” Steve said.  “In fact you could do with a little more bacon and a little less yogurt and processed carbs.”

“But I need the carbs later in the day,” Amy said.  “I can’t get through my day without them.”

“No, no you don’t need them, you choose to have them in your diet because that’s what’s worked before,” Steve said.  “The only problem with that is that isn’t what I’m trying to work towards.”  “You want certain goals, certain fat loss goals and this is the easiest way to go about it.”  “But you won’t buy into the process.”  “The process works, but only if you believe in it and commit to its success.  Otherwise you’re just spinning your wheels like you have before, only to get marginally where you want and then quit.”

“But, but,” Amy stammered.

“No buts about it, that’s how it is,” Steve said coldly.  “I hate to be the bad guy here, but sometimes it needs to be said, you’re just not fitting the bill.”  “I can train you hard for five days a week, put you on cardio for 45 minutes every single day and if you’re not eating appropriately you’re still not going to get the results you want if your dietary habits aren’t in check.”  “You simply can’t out train a bad diet.”

“Yes, I know,” Amy said.

“Well, if you know then why aren’t you following through,” Steve said.

“It’s hard,” Amy said with a frown.

“Of course it’s hard,” Steve said, “if it was easy everyone would have a great body, six-pack abs and a sculpted pair of pipes that would impress everyone from New York to California, but that’s not the case.”  “I don’t care what anyone says, building your body up strength wise and sculpting a rock solid physique is a serious ordeal and not one to be taken lightly.  It’s one thing to stay in shape and look good in a bikini, to look like you train and actually compete in physique shows is something else entirely.”

“I know, I know,” Amy said.

“You may think you know, but I don’t think you really know how hard it is,” Steve said.  “You’ve been close at times; how did it feel?”

“When?” Amy said.

“When you were at your best,” Steve said.  “That point in time when you were looking and feeling your best, at your best weight possible?”

“Oh, well that’s easy,” Amy said, “about five years ago, when I was just recently single and was out to prove everyone that I was the most rocking, solid bombshell there would ever be.”

“Right,” Steve said.  “And what’s different about then than now?”

“Well, I’m engaged,” Amy said.

“Of course,” Steve said.  “That changes things a bit doesn’t it?”  “No real fear of rejection?  Nothing to prove?”

“Well, sort of,” Amy said.  “It’s a lot safer I guess.”

“And a lot less demanding,” Steve added.  “You see back then you really wanted to get in great shape.  You didn’t let anything stand in your way.   You were steadfast and determined to lose those extra pounds and you dieted diligently, sacrificed social events and you got there!”

“Yeah, that’s true,” Amy shook her head thoughtfully.

“You had something to train for!” Steve said.  “You had that fire in the belly to get there or else.  Where is that fire now, Amy?”  “That’s what we need for ultimate success!  You have TO WANT THIS!  Really WANT IT!”

“I do want it,” Amy stammered.

“So prove it,” Steve answered her.

“Grrrrrr,” Amy said.  “Right!  Let’s hit the weights.”


CPT SMASH –Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, especially when it’s so close to home.  The truth is most people don’t train hard enough to get the results they want.  It’s a long process and very demanding to pound your body with iron day in and day out to get some solid strength and body mass gains.  Secondly, when you’re losing fat you have to buy into it hook line and sinker.  You can’t half-heartedly go into the process.  You must commit and dedicate yourself towards that end goal.  Commit and success will be yours.  

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