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The Resolution for A Seductive Bodyfat

Sally was back at it again.  The holidays were over, Christmas had gone by in a flash of tinsel, holly and festive Christmas cookies; while New Years was a blur of far too many wine bottles and party streamers.  But all that was said and done.  Now onto the New Year’s resolutions Sally had set out for herself.  Sally had come along ways from battling the bulge of last year and had taken her coaches advice to perform some more serious training endeavors.  She was lifting some heavy weights, she was blasting some high intensity cardio every week and reserved some special time to go for a nice stroll on the treadmill or in the great outdoors when the weather wasn’t blasting her in the face with an icy cold breeze.  All in all she had quite the holiday season and had actually lost several inches of fat over the holidays despite the horrendous amount of cookies and tasty treats she had succumbed to.  But now she wanted more.

Sally’s new resolutions were to train at least five times a week with cardio on all of those days, lower her body fat to a seductive level (Eva Longoria seductive) and eat better.  Although she defined eating better as simply eating more vegetables and fruits, she wasn’t quite sure where to go with this to help her get to her goal of a luscious level of bodyfat.  She decided to ask Yvon the next time she went to the gym.

She’d been stuck ever since before Christmas and had been following a simple diet plan of eating every three hours.  That was supposed to help up her metabolism and burn off more body fat right?  The only problem was she was always getting stuck in meetings at work and missing her scheduled eating times and she was a bit of a bear when she missed her feedings.  Often to the point where she wanted to destroy the first bagel shop she came across and then top it off with a couple donuts from the bakery across the street.

She tried to make due with fruits and vegetables for snacks, but it still wasn’t cutting it at times.  She’d get stressed, miss a meeting and then all hell would break through as she ran to the vending machine for a granola bar or a snickers.  This disaster had to stop or she might not make her goals and that scared her.  There had to be a better way.

Luckily for her there is a much better way.

The Gym

Sally showed up for her early morning workout at 6:30am and headed for the lockers.  Yvon was sulking around the counter mindfully encouraging several young cyclists who looked like they had just completed a 200mile bike race.

“Well, hello there Kelly,” Yvon said, “How was New Years?”

“Great, Yvon,” Kelly said.  “How was yours?”

“Well let’s just say there was far too much champagne and not enough of me to drink all of it,” Yvon laughed, “but aside from not making it to 11pm, it was fun.”  “I never rarely make it to New Year’s anyway.  My mamma told me that if anything is going on after midnight, it probably isn’t worth doing anyway.”

“She’s probably right about that,” Kelly said.

“I KNOW she’s right,” Yvon said, nodding his head in agreement.  “So what else is up?  You look like you have a lot on your mind.”

“Well, I have a few questions if you have time,” Kelly asked.

“Sure thing,” Yvon said, “Just let me finish with these gals.”  He turned and spoke a couple instructions to the trio that had just finished their last wind sprint and began slowing down their pedaling.


The Consult

Kelly waited for Yvon over in the corner by the seating area and prepped her workout gear.  Gloves, water bottle, towel, and workout journal.  Yvon hussled over as soon as he was done and sat down beside her.

“So, what do you want to know,” Yvon said.

“Well, I’m struggling with my nutrition again,” Kelly said.  “I’ve been eating on a three hour cycle with small meals every time, but sometimes I get stuck in meetings or whatever and miss my schedule meals.  Then I’m like on the hunt for anything that I can stick in my mouth.”

“Sure, pretty common problem really,” Yvon said.  “I’ve been dealing with several other clients of mine over this issue.” “Can I see your food journal?”

“Sure,” Kelly said, handing him her training log.  “It’s a little sparse of late, but it’s mostly there, somedays I just run out of time.”

“Yeah, for sure,” Yvon said.  “You’re just getting back into the groove.  Let me ask you though do you think that eating three meals a day is helping you?” Yvon said as he flipped through several pages of food journaling.  The pages were full of food, mostly good food, veggies, fruit, some protein, slow glycemic carbs.  Definitely a healthy diet for sure.  Some pages were obviously skipped.

“Well, I’ve been losing some weight, even over the holidays,” Kelly said.  “I guess I’ve added a few pounds back from Christmas and New Year’s, but now I’m really motivated.  One of my New Years Resolutions is to “eat better”.”

“Are you attributing your weight loss to simply eating better or eating smaller meals during the day?” Yvon said.

“Hmmmm,” Kelly said, cocking her head to the side.  “I’m not sure I know what you mean?”

“Well, look at it this way, you’re eating every three hours from dawn to past dusk without really taking into account how  many calories you’re eating,” Yvon said.  “Do you know how many calories you should be eating?”

Kelly looked at him quizzically.  “Well, no, not really.  I thought if I ate better food choices and eat three hour intervals my metabolism would speed up and I’d lose fat easier.”

The Truth

“Well, the truth is, eating every three hours doesn’t really matter all that much,” Yvon said.  “Research has pointed out that eating smaller meals versus two or three larger meals when calories are equal doesn’t kick up the metabolism that much.  The affect of eating smaller meals every three hours has a small effect on how many calories you’re burning in addition to your normal daily metabolism – that’s if you’re eating tons of quality high protein foods and fibrous vegetables.  Those are foods that spike up your metabolism the most since they’re harder to breakdown and take energy to actually process.”  “It has a small effect of maybe 5-10%.”

“Well, but 5 – 10% sounds pretty good,” Kelly said.

“Not really,” Yvon said, “think about if you’re body burns 1500 calories just breathing, that’s only 150 calories extra burned by eating more frequently.”  “Granted that’ll add up and it is useful to a certain extent, but overall that’s tiny in comparison to the amount of work you put in with the gym and just eating a certain amount to fall below your calorie count for the day.”

“Really, that’s it,” Kelly said.  “A measly 150 calories extra.”

“Yeah, probably not even that,” Yvon said.  “And remember that’s good foods that spike the metabolism.”  “You’re much better off controlling your hunger with some healthy doses of protein and fat to help curb your hunger and keep satisfied for longer periods of time.”

“How do I do that,” Kelly asked.

“Well, first off, start having bigger meals with a full complement of protein, vegetables and healthy fats.”  “You might even consider dropping some of these complex carbs for fattier protein sources if you’re having trouble with running around during meetings.”  “It’ll keep you fuller longer, plus fattier sources tend to burn really slow, so you’ll be able to go longer between meals without splurging on every tasty treat that comes your way.”  “Try about three to four bigger meals a day or two big meals and three smaller snacks with fat and protein.”

“Okay, that sounds fine,” Kelly said.  “I knew I needed some changes in order to get to where I wanted.”

“Yeah, you want that rocking body, you gotta get rocking those caloric values the right way,” Yvon said.  “Food quality has gotten you a long ways and how you’re eating will definitely keep you healthy, but if you want to continue losing fat you’re going to have to get a little more disciplined and tighter with your caloric content.”  “Quality counts, but so do calories.”

“What do you mean by that?” Kelly asked.

“What I mean is that by eating a better quality of wholesome food fat loss will naturally occur,” Yvon said, “but when you get stuck you have to not only look at the quality, but the overall quantity.”  Calories in versus calories out still matters.”  “The body is very complicated, but with a few tricks you can get where you want quite easily.”

“Here,” Yvon handed Kelly a piece of paper he’d scribbled some numbers on.  “Eat this overall quantity of calories per day and the breakdown of protein, fat and carbs is all on there.”  “Keep those carbs fairly low until after your workout and then have a good dose of them.”  “Keep those numbers for yourself, because they’re calculated strictly for you and remember they will change eventually due to your workouts and muscle mass changes.”

“Come back with a couple good meal plans and we’ll chat about what to do next,” Yvon said.  “But for now work on hitting those overall calories with the right amount of protein, fat and carbs.”  “That should kickstart your fat loss right for the new year!”


“Thanks, Yvon,” Kelly said.  “Maybe this year I can have you train me for a physique show.”

“No, thanks,” Yvon said, “talk to Steve, that’s his gig.”  “But if you’re out to run a triathalon I’m your man.”

Kelly walked away looking at the piece of paper Yvon had given her.  She knew her diet had to change a bit in order for her to make some continued gains, but counting calories would be interesting.  As with everything she was determined to make the change.  Nothing works unless you do she told herself.  And with that she started working on getting that fabulous body.


-CPT SMASH –When it all comes down to a cusp you can get a lot done with simply eating better quality foods, but if you’re after the “seductive Eva bodyfat” well then you’d better start learning to eating a certain level of macros.  Keep in mind these do change over time, as all nutrition protocols do.

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