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Old Dog – Old tricks – Rebuilding my Deadlift

It seems like I have always been known primarily being a bencher. For the most part it’s true that’s what I focused the most and competed in for the last 20 plus years.

To be honest my squat and my deadlift were much better than my bench when I started. But the love /hate relationship with bench press was all consuming.

But after losing that 100 lbs or so I started to re-evaluate my training on many levels. One of which is the Deadlift!

Also having Jess CAPT SMASH training like a beast here especially on the deadlift got the 18 year old in me fired up.

So I started back into training my deads!

It wasnt pretty! I could do a bent over row with 315 easier than I could deadlift it!

But I just got my ass in gear and began “pullin”

About 3 months ago I maxed out with a bar bending 345 lbs…not kilos…

Working it and the accessories stuff like speed , rack pulls and chins I have now progressed to 525 lbs and I just missed 545 last week.

It got stuck about 6 inches off the floor, I am always reminded that its all about time in, hard work, and motivation.

What is my goal someone asked me the other day at Hostyle? 600 – 700 – 800…I don’t know yet.

My real goal, is to make sure I keep dead lifting as part of my weekly training protocol.

The weight will take care of itself, who knows maybe I will shock the powerlifting world and do a 3 lift meet!!!

Old dogs – Old tricks

Crush it!



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  1. Lindsay - April 17, 2014 4:43 pm

    Inspiration… Keep it up….


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