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How I get ready for a bench meet – video and training log

I have a CPF Powerlfting meet coming up May 9th – just around the corner..
I will be competing in the bench only – of course!
napalm barbell club

Many lifters ask me how I get ready for my meets, so I decided to start a bench training video Journal of my training.

I have been filming my Tuesday nite bench sessions. In each video I Outline what the workout for the session is. I then film my main lifts and some of my assistance work. I have been doing this for a few reasons..
  • see myself and be able to study my technique – even after all these years this really helps.
  • use it as a way to show my followers and clients exactly what I do in training
  • it also acts as accountability tool to keep me focused on training consistency .

Its also a great way to get feedback and questions from fellow lifters. One of the missions of Hostyle Conditioning is to help people increase their human Awesomeness..and the Bench press is Awesome!
Click on the video above to see my last workout from this Tuesday…Subscribe to my Youtube channel to get notified of all future Training videos.
On my channel you will find over 500 videos of not only our powerlifting, but tons of vids on our kettlebell and group training as well.
How I dial it in 3 weeks out.
a secret
Many lifters who are competitive are very secretive about how they go about the final weeks of prep. I personally don’t give a shit if any one knows. You can use this method and see if it works for you. Things like experience, overall strength and conditioning all make a difference.
For most of my powerlifting team competing at this meet I have them follow this with a few small exceptions depending on each lifters situation.


3 weeks out


70 % of projected max
5 sets of 5
for me its 365 about 72% based on 515 lbs max
Then opener 88% of projected max
455 single for 3 sets
Normal assistance work


2 weeks out


70 % of projected max
4 sets of 5  I drop one set
again for me 365
Opener for 1 rep
455 x 1 for 2 sets
2nd attempt weight 92% of projected max
475 x 1 for 1 set
Normal assistance work


1 week out


Pause bench holding for 5 count
60% of Projected max 3 reps per set for 3 sets
for me 315  61-62%
1/2 volume of my assistance work


Meet day


opener 455 – 88 %
2nd attempt 475 – 92%
3rd 515 – 525 100 – 102 % depending on how i feel and how the meet is going.


so thats the plan, lets see how it executes on the day.
I do a blog on the how things went and our results that day


Till then


Crush it!


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