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Are You Ready For 2015? Here Are 5 Fitness Trends That…

Hostyle has Been Doing Since 2010!  You know there’s all this talk about new fitness trends and doing this style of training and that style of training to help get in shape, lose weight, burn fat, get stronger and just plain be more awesome.  What’s really awesome is that Hostyle is already doing them, besides that Zumba shiz, that stuff is just silly!  Might as well go out to the club and dance you’re butt of every single night, if you’re into that sort of thing.  That way you can look awesome and still move your booty around.  Of course, I’m probably just jealous, but there’s no fricking way I’m getting my hips to do that—

fitness trends 2015

and off to squats…

Body Weight Training to Burn Fat

Let’s start with body weight training!  Pretty much since the dawn of time we’ve moved our bodies around through functional movement patterns that are inherent to us as a species.  We run, walk, crawl, climb, push, pull, squat, lunge, hip-hinge and jump around the way nature intended us too.  It’s a pretty awesome way to workout since most of the time after you’re 20 your pretty much limited to walking and the only squatting you have to do is in and out of your chair at work, which makes and these other movements are severely rough on us.  At Hostyle we call this type of training mobility work, which we do every workout!  We focus on improving it in the warmup and throughout the exercises emphasizing on how to move properly in order to enhance this ability to move freely and without pain.  It’s one of those limitating factors that’s missing out of life.  For if you can’t move well, you can’t do the things you want to do.  Angry cats, GO!


Intervals and Sprints…they’re not going away!

High Intensity Interval training involving short intense bursts of activity with either active rest or short recovery periods is another popular solution to our ever expanding wastelines.  The reason?  Well, it’s so damn effective at burning fat and pushing people beyond their normal limits in a short amount of time.  It’s so effective that you can get a great workout in, burn some fat and build muscle in as little as fifteen or thirty minutes.  We like to include at least a quarter hour to focus on kickstarting those fat burning engines with some high intensity prowler sprints, rower sprints and other exercises that you can move fast and hard for short time periods.  It’s basically a full body blitz that will leave you drenched in sweat, muscles burning, and feeling like you’ve ran a 10K in under ten minutes.


Running…for sure we do that too! 

Treadmill training is all the rage right now, with large groups of classes engaging in running on a treadmill.  Are you ready for Hostle’s new treadmill running course?  Alright you’ve got me there, we don’t have that class for one simple reason: people weren’t designed to run on a treadmill.  It doesn’t mimic actual running patterns and can actually make you a worse runner.  But the right idea that we fully support is to have a 500 meter or 1000 meter run, walk or crawl, whichever your body can manage to do at some point in the workout, whether for reps or improved time if you’re an advanced athlete.

Get Over Your Workout and Supercompensate to Get Stronger

Recovery from workouts is important, especially as your body gets fitter and tougher.  With all that extra work comes sore, tight muscles that need to be foam rolled, stretched, massaged, iced, heated and fed properly to help them get better.  Just like our motto Sore Today, Stronger Tomorrow you are responsible for helping your body get more awesome by the amount of recovery activities you do, which are an active component of every Hostyle workout.  Tight hip flexors, sure, we’ve got some extra stretching for you to do with some foam rolling after every workout.  Shoulders becoming a pain, some band distractions and scarecrows will fix you right up.  Overall body maintenance is important to help keep you operating at your best.


Track Your Stats

Finally the last part of this new digital world is the fitness trackers that can help monitor everything from your sleep to how many steps you took yesterday.  And I’m not talking about taking a selfie everytime you hit a PR and post it to Facebook!  Sweet another 315lb bench…got it!

I’m talking about the calorie trackers, wrist band monitors and armbands that are all useful pieces of equipment that can serve an awesome training tool to help get you fitter, stronger, lose fat and the rest of it—providing that you can find one that doesn’t take a huge effort to set up and utilize quickly during the course of your day.

You can even find some trackers that measure bar speed and various aspects of your workout, although for most of the time you can get more accurate and personal information from utilizing a good pen and notepad to enter in your workouts, nutritional information and overall feelings for that day.  That’s really all that is needed in as far as record keeping.  When in doubt write that stuff down in order to ensure you have a great training session.  And when things go wrong you can always look back and see what happened.

Regardless of the method the feedback that keeping a good training journal or having the digital variety is invaluable in as far as keeping track of your overall progress over the course of time.  It serves as both a reminder of what you’re eating, recording how much you’re really performing in the gym and when you have a log of what you’ve done you can look back and see what was really working or not working when you get stuck.

We love the progression over the course of time here at Hostyle Conditioning to show you how far you’ve come, from the struggle doing a single solitary pushup to knocking out fifty at a time.  It’s not about where you start, it’s where you end up!


-CPT SMASH  —  The goal isn’t always to be the fittest and strongest person in the room, more often than not it’s simply to move and feel better over the course of time.

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