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The Quest for Size for the Young Athlete

Allen Little and Johnny Heft were two young lifters in search of the perfect program that would make them huge and ripped for football.  Like most young athletes they found that bench presses and bicep curls left there chest and arms tired, but after about six weeks the gains they initially had stopped cold.

“Dude, what could we be missing,” Allen stared at his biceps after an intense set of EZ-Bar curls.

“I don’t know,” Johnny said, finishing his last set of bench pressing with a huff of compressed air.

“Maybe we should try that other program?” Allen said.  “You know that one in Muscle & Fitness that Ronney Coleman is using.”

“Sure, we’ll give it a go,” Johnny stated.

They spent hours and hours in the gym hiring whatever latest fad workout they could online, switching from program to program at random in order to confuse their muscles.

They bribed their parents for the latest supplements until their cupboards at home were cluttered with more supplements than food.

Little did they realize that they were going about things all wrong until they meet with big Kevin Stout one night in the gym.

“Hey Kevin, what’s up man? You’re looking jacked man,” both boys exclaimed.

And Kevin was jacked.  At 210lbs of solid muscle at 5’10” Kevin’s arms, chest and upper back jutted putt of his shirt like a mountain range. And the legs, well they were as big as tree trunks without the roots.

“Hey boys, what’s going on,” Kevin said wiping his brow of sweat.

“Not much,” Allen said, “we were just wondering what you’ve been doing to get so big. After school you just seem to have transformed into a monster.”

“Well thanks I’ve been putting in a lot at time in the gym you know,” Kevin said. “There’s no real secret though, hard training and hard eating.”

“Yeah us too.  We’re trying to put in some mass for football and we’re hoping you could give us some pointers,” Johnny asked reluctantly.

“Sure, why not. I’ve been out of high school a few years, but no problem helping you guys out,” Kevin said.

“Great,” they boys both exclaimed.

“You say there’s no secret, but how’d you get so huge then,” Allen asked.

“Like I said hard training and hard eating,” Kevin replied.

“Well we’re training hard five or six days a week,” Johnny said.

“Yeah, I see you guys in here enough, but your workout is only half you’re problem,” Kevin said.

“What do you mean,” Allen said. “We’re working hard.”

“Well you work hard but on the wrong things. But enough off that now, I thought you wanted to work on getting big!” Kevin again wiped his brow of sweat.  “You see the secret is that you gotta eat, and eat a lot.”

“Okay, what’s a lot,” Allen said.

“A LOT.  But, let’s start off simple for today and I’ll give you my simple mass gainer protein shake. That ought to start you off right. So after you’re done training and two other times during the day you’re going to drink this shake,” Kevin said.

“Blend this up in your blender,” Kevin said counting on his fingers, “a bit of ice, two or three scoops of 100% whey protein, not that fancy mass gainer 5000 stuff, it’s garbage, not enough protein and too much sugar.”
“Then add in a banana, a huge lump of peanut butter, two cups of whole milk,” said Kevin.
“Whole milk, we’re going to get fat,” Allen said.

“You guys said you wanted to get bigger and stronger, that requires more calories, do stop worrying like an overweight sorority chick,” Kevin chastised.  “As long as your training hard you’ll pack on lean mass and not fat, now listen up! Whole milk, two cups, then chocolate syrup and then top it off with two scoops of frozen yogurt for flavor.”

“Okay, is that all,” Johnny asked.

“Yep, that’s the ticket. Lots of good quality calories all blended together.” “Drink at least two of those a day. You guys are so young you’re going to have a tough time getting enough calories to grow with those weed like metabolisms,” Kevin said.

“Now get going and we’ll chat about your workout and other stuff later,” Kevin said heading towards the locker room.  “The big secret to getting huge and jacked is all about the calories.”

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-CPT SMASH –The magic bullet to gaining size, especially when you’re young is an abundance of QUALITY calories to accompany your training efforts.  Buying endless amounts of supplements and trying pro-routines won’t get you anywhere if you’re not eating enough overall protein-fat-carbs.

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