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The Quest for More Mass: Bigger Lifts Equal Bigger Bodies

Allen Little and Johnny Heft were blasting their way through another rough set of bench pressing with Jay Cutler’s new Massive Chest Training program.   Over the past few weeks with Kevin’s new secret formula for gaining mass they added another inch to both their arms and chests and they were feeling good.  But as with every lifter they wanted more bang for their buck.  They were lagging behind on their other body parts and starting to look a little out of proportion.

“Woo, that was a rough set,” Allen said, checking out his biceps in the mirror.

“Yeah, not bad,” Johnny said draping his towel over his head.  “I think we need to change the routine again though.  Maybe we should ask Kevin about what he said earlier?”

“What do you mean?” Allen asked.

“You know, the other part of the secret,” Johnny said.  “He told us to get our calories up with these super shakes and now boom, another couple of inches added on the chest and biceps, but he said our program sucked!”

“Yeah, okay,” Allen said.  “It can’t hurt to ask?”

“Look, here comes Kevin now.”  “Hey, Kevin,” Johnny yelled waving his hand.

“Hey guys, what’s going on?” Kevin said walking over to their bench.  “You guys about done?  I’ve gotta hit a workout in before I get off to work.”

“Sure thing,” Allen said, “But can we ask you about the problems with our training program?”

“Oh yeah, sure.”  “You guys been slamming down the secret protein shake?” Kevin said, scratching his beard.

“Yes, two a day at least,” Johnny said, “And as you can see we’ve grown a bit.”

“Cool, glad you guys are back on track,” Kevin said, “but as I alluded to early your workouts are too shifty.”

“What do you mean shifty?” Johnny asked.

“Well, you guys seem to change programs every week,” Kevin said.  “You can’t expect to make consistent gains if you’re not working towards a goal and keeping consistent in your workouts.”

“Well, we like to “confuse our muscles”,” Allen said.  “You know the “old muscle confusion principle” that Jim Weider used to talk about  all the time.”

“Sure, that’s all well and good, but you guys are switching workouts like you change your socks!” Kevin said, taking a seat on the bench.  “You can’t expect to develop tons of muscle if you’re always shifting from one workout to another without allowing it time to work.”  “You’ve got to stress the muscles beyond their usual efforts and then try to outperform those efforts in follow on workouts.  Hard to do if you’re switching workouts all the time. Right?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Johnny said.  “So we should stick with the same program for how long?”

“Well, that depends on how long the results lasts, but if you’re still gaining why change something?” Kevin said.

“That makes sense.” “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it,” Allen snapped his fingers.

“Yeah, something like that,” Kevin said, “and then there’s the issue of the rest of your program.”  “All you guys train is chest, biceps and triceps.”

“For sure man,” Allen said.  “The chicks dig guys with huge chests and arms!”

“Well, yeah, but what about developing the rest of your body to match your chest and arms?”  Kevin asked.  “Wouldn’t it be better having some tree trunk legs, cannonball shoulders and a back wider than your door to sit in with those pecs and arms?”

“True,” Allen said.  “So how do we do that?”

“Well, I’m going to make this brief so I can get into my workout,” Kevin said.  “You gonna start training with the big lifts—the deadlift, the squat and the standing shoulder press.”  “The easiest method to start adding some mass is to incorporate these into your training program.”

“Can we keep the bench press?” Allen asked.

“Yes of course, bench too,” Kevin said.  “You have the right idea with the bench press, but you just need to add some bigger exercises into your menu.”  Start with a set and rep scheme of 5 sets of 5 reps.”  “This will increase your strength to epic levels and help you adding some more mass all over.”  “You’ll grow more from performing all these big lifts than by pounding your chest and arms with little exercises like bicep curls and cable flyes.”

“Alright, sounds pretty easy,” Johnny said.  “Do we do this all in one workout?”

“You can, but I’d recommend splitting up the main lifts into four days and then performing a couple smaller exercises that can assist in those lifts.”  But focus on the bigger lifts for the majority of your workout.  Start off with a couple light warmup sets and then progress into your heavier weights that you can barely get the 5 sets of 5 reps.”

“So we can still do our bicep curls too,” Allen asked.

“Yes, but don’t focus on them.  Just throw them into the end of your program so you don’t burn out your muscles too early,” Kevin said, standing up and starting to add a plate to the bench press.  “The main effort is those big lifts.  Those stimulate the most amount of muscle mass and help you develop a well rounded physique.”

“Got it,” Allen and Johnny said.  “And we stick with this for how long again?”

“However long you can keep increasing a bit of weight to the bar,” Kevin finished placing the last plate on the bar.  “Start off easy and work to some tough amounts of work.”  “The big lifts aren’t easy, and sometimes they’re not as fun as bench press, but they’ll grow on you.  Literally.”

“Thanks Kevin,” the boys said.  “Have a good lift!”  “We’ll check in with you in a couple weeks.”

“Awesome,” Kevin said sliding into the bench and setting up his feet and arch.  “Keep eating big too.  Gotta eat to grow!”

The boys left and started planning their new program on the drive home.

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-CPT SMASH –When you’re looking to add size, especially for younger athletes, the bigger lifts are more important than the smaller beach muscles.  Stick with what works and train the big lifts.

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