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The Prone Row Hangar Gym Hostyle Ottawa Canada

The Prone Row – another kickass piece of equipment coming to the HANGAR

The Prone Row Bench – Not just amazing for your lats

Another unique piece of equipment that will be at the Hangar is the Prone Row

The Prone Row Hangar Gym Hostyle Ottawa Canada



We perform other horizontal pulling exercises – like bent over rows or seated cable rows – but We don’t get the same feeling of “isolation” we do with this new movement.

And, most times when athletes perform bent over rows, they don’t have the muscular endurance in their posterior chain to hold a good position throughout the set.

Which means they end up typically throwing the weights and losing that critical time under tension of the eccentric movement.


Yes, with this supported back exercise less weight is used, but there is no momentum.

And you can really concentrate on engaging the lats and keeping more tension as you raise and lower the weights.

You should also try to hold the top position for a count of one to really engage the stabilizers of the upper back and own the weight.

To build more raw strength, we also move the weights from a dead stop instead of a more dynamic or reactive movement.

But its also an amazing exercise for the Shoulders and Traps

Areas Involved

Shoulder Extension

In a prone row, drawing the weight toward you until your upper arm is along the side of your rib cage is called shoulder extension. This aspect is performed by muscles that terminate on the upper end of your arm bone, crossing your shoulder joint. These include the latissimus dorsi, posterior head of your deltoid muscle, teres major and the long head of your triceps.

Scapular Retraction

Squeezing your shoulder blades together is called scapular retraction. This movement is performed primarily by your rhomboid major, rhomboid minor and the middle fibers of your trapezius muscle. The rhomboid muscles extend in a diagonal manner from the last two neck or cervical spinal bones and the first four upper-back or thoracic spinal bones to the inner border of each shoulder blade. Once your upper arm is alongside your rib cage, these muscles become the more active muscles compared to the lats, deltoid, teres major and the long head of the triceps.

Shoulder Stabilization

Four muscles press your arm bone or humerus into the shoulder joint cavity as your arm moves, and they are collectively referred to as the rotator cuff muscles. These muscles play an assisting role in moving your humerus. The three muscles engaged during a prone row include the teres minor, infraspinatus and supraspinatus muscles.

Bottom Line its all part of my commitment to make The Hangar ( and Hostyle of Course) a truly unique strength and conditioning gym.

A Gym where Results Happen. Period!

Ready to train in truly unique environment?

We are offering the first 50 new members 50% off their Monthly dues (12 month commitment required)

In fact we now have only 37 spots left as off today.

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Introducing the Hangar Gym Ottawa

We are very excited at Hostyle..

The latest addition to Hostyle is our 6000 sq ft open gym – named the “Hangar” by Coach Greg.

We wanted it to be big and open.

Coupled with our 7500 sq ft of bootcamp and strength and conditioning coaching area, Hostyle now has a total of 13500 sq ft of Hostility making use even more of a “one of a kind” facility.

Since we opened Hostyle we have been repeatedly asked if there would be open gym memberships available.

People saw what we doing and wanted to be able to workout in our facility.

As our focus however, was primarily Bootcamp, Semi private and Private coach lead sessions we could not accommadate these demands.

I knew that there had become a need for a place like Hostyle where men and women could go to really be able to train effectively and seriously.

A no nonsense facility that was geared to getting results, no more wasting time with the Box gym yahoos who get in the way of great training.

  • 6000 sg ft of open space
  • over 50 feet of Crossfit rigging
  • Selectorized machine section
  • Cardio Area
  • Dedicated Powerlifting area
  • Exclusive – only a limited # of memberships available

I’ve heard it for years – “We want more!”

  • more racks
  • more bars and plates
  • heavier dumbells
  • more chalk
  • more room to train properly
  • tired of the “night club gyms”
  • more people who are focused on getting the most out of the gym

Well, the Hangar is going to solve all of that and then some.

Weight training has been part of my life , my business and my identity for over 28 years now.

I have always envsioned a training facility that like minded men and women can call home.

The Hostyle Community has been growing for 7 years now.

This is the final piece of the puzzle that I have been waiting to build since Hostyle’s inception.

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