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Greg Veenstra

Greg Veenstra

Greg started his athletic lifestyle by playing basketball and football and continues to be involved in both to this day. He has an appreciation for all forms of fitness and keeps an open mind towards new ideas and techniques. He first got into coaching filling in for a bootcamp instructor at the YMCA. Fast forward 5 years and he still looks forward to coaching and teaching every day.

He has his PT certification through NESTA and has been certified for just over 2 years. . He received his basic theory training through the YMCA. He is currently looking at expanding his certifications to include KB, Nutrition and sports training for kids and teens

A few words from Greg:

I came to Hostyle because I believe what Curd and the gang bring to the table is honest and good old fahsioned hard work and ass kicking. They are a knowledgeable team who knows how to kick your butt but treats you like family.