Hostyle Conditioning

Curd Hos

Curd Before at 397 lbs

Curd weighing 397 just before he started Hostyle Conditioning

Curd Hos

The founder of Hostyle Conditioning, curd bring 25+ years of experience in weight training and powerlifting, now with a new passion for mobility and kettlebells.

Curd is always looking to improve training programming for himself and his athletes

“I was 42 years old (2010) – I weighed almost 400 lbs – I drank too much – felt like shit everyday. The real joke is that I was in the health and fitness business. I owned sports nutrition stores and a gym. But I was a wreck. I spent the next year picking myself up, dusting myself off and I got to work.

I started eating better, cut down on the booze ( I no longer drink as of 2014). I started working out – walking and then some running.

Within 12 months I ran 2 – 5 km races – 1 Spartan 5km race – Set 2 (masters 40-49) bench press records and lost 100 lbs.

Curd Hos 295 lbs after

Curd Hos lost 100 lbs seen here at 295 lbs


I also went onto create Hostyle Conditioning – Fitness and Conditioning Facility that caters to the 0ver 40 crowd. Most days I feel like in my 20’s again. I am back bench pressing over 500 lbs..“

Curd Developed our Lil Black Dress Project and The Silverback Blueprint

2 of our most powerful, transformative programs at Hostyle

His Current project is the “Hangar” our 6000 Sq ft Open Gym expansion here at our Orleans Location (giving us 13,500 sq ft as of Sept 1st 2016)

as well as the Silverback Blueprint Podcast – a podcast dedicated to men over 40 rebuilding them selves from the inside out!