Hostyle Conditioning

Andrew Bissett

Andrew grew up playing competitive sports. Baseball, Rugby and Hockey. His focus was hockey and in his last 2 years of minor hockey he played at the highest level. That was followed by three years of junior hockey in Rockland in which he was an assistant captain in the 3rd year. As an athlete he missed that competitive spirit until he found Hostyle. Hostyle brought that intensity and competitive drive that he had been missing since his competitive sport days.[…]

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Greg Veenstra

Greg Veenstra Greg started his athletic lifestyle by playing basketball and football and continues to be involved in both to this day. He has an appreciation for all forms of fitness and keeps an open mind towards new ideas and techniques. He first got into coaching filling in for a bootcamp instructor at the YMCA. Fast forward 5 years and he still looks forward to coaching and teaching every day. He has his PT certification through NESTA and has been[…]

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Sean Ralph

Sean is a true fitness enthusiast, from his rugby playing days (provincial /college), to playing hockey, to running (army run half marathon 2013) and most recently doing the Spartan Race (Trifecta 2014). He is a certified coach in hockey and rugby as well as a police motorcycle instructor. Since starting in 2013 Sean has lost 50lbs+ from hard work and determination at Hostyle. He’s gained a wealth of knowledge and has truly excelled in his Kettlebell work and overall conditioning.[…]

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Curd Hos Hostyle conditioning

Curd Hos

Curd Hos The founder of Hostyle Conditioning, curd bring 25+ years of experience in weight training and powerlifting, now with a new passion for mobility and kettlebells. Curd is always looking to improve training programming for himself and his athletes “I was 42 years old (2010) – I weighed almost 400 lbs – I drank too much – felt like shit everyday. The real joke is that I was in the health and fitness business. I owned sports nutrition stores and[…]

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