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Orleans Bootcamp at Hostyle Conditioning

Orleans Bootcamp

Orleans Boot Camp at Hostyle Conditioning

Get a safe, effective and exciting workout each session no matter what your shape, size or ability! If you are a beginner, advanced or somewhere in between, you will get a work-out that ensures that you burn as much fat as possible, while improving your health and wellness.

Orleans Bootcamp – how we are different.

We take our Bootcamp training to a whole new level.

First off, we are a full time facility – we do not operate just for an hour in the mornings or few a few hours in the evening.

Our Hostyle facility is 100% dedicated to bootcamps, semi Private and personal training. We do not operate inside a school , church basement, martial arts dojo or any other “shared” facility.

We are able to run much more varied and effective workouts due to this.

Our Orleans Bootcamp facility has

8000 sq ft
Has two complete workout areas
Fully equipped with over 100 kettlebells
Sand bags
Plyo Boxes
Power racks (3)
Competition Bench Press
Olympic Barbells
1000’s of lbs of Olympic plates
Prowlers (3)
Slosh Tubes
Supplement Pro shop
Liftng accessories

separate for men and women’s Showers – Lockers and Changes rooms

Size of classes at our Orleans Bootcamp

We focus on smaller class sizes at Hostyle. The average class size is 12-15. We do this to allow you to get much better instruction and motivation during the workouts.

What To Bring

All u need to bring is a towel and a water bottle

Meet Our Coaches

Our coaches are the most qualified and well rounded instructors in Orleans. All of the Orleans Bootcamp at Hostyle  trainers hold nationally accredited personal training certifications and multiple years of experience with proven track records for helping people reach and maintain their goals!

Our Orleans Bootcamp Class Schedule

We have 6 am and noon classes as well as 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm classes weekedays.

We also have numerous classes on Saturdays

Click ==>HERE<== to see our classes schedule



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