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Obesity Solved – The Problem with Waiting until There’s a Problem

The biggest realization that I had the other day is that humans are inherently lazy or rather we don’t really care so much about the things that could possibly kills us or cause us problems in the future because we simply don’t think about them until they become a problem.  Take obesity for example.  This process of getting so drastically out of shape doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s over the course of years and years of nutrition abuse and lack of the appropriate exercise.  One doesn’t simply wake up one morning drastically overweight and out of shape.  The process takes time.

Sometimes it creeps up on us from the lack of physical activity and poor dietary habits in college and on into our working years. By the time you’ve had your first kids it’s already too late for the kids take up all of your free time and the cycle of abuse gets worse and worse, until one day you look in the mirror and are aghast at what reflection you see looking back at you.

The Solution

The solution is to start taking action against the problem as soon as you’ve figured it out.  Granted it’s much easier to have this as a preventive medicine tool earlier, but as mentioned before you never really see that it’s a problem until it’s too late.

So therefore upon realizing you look like hell, have no energy, can’t keep up with your kids or do any of the things you used to do, and your health is suffering you need to take action.

Depending upon when you’ve figured it out and how far out of shape you’ve become you first need to evaluate where you are now—the point A.  From there you can determine where you want to go—point B.  Now most everyone has had a time in their lives where they want to get back to and that’s fine.  You may never be able to get back to that young, youthful vigor that you once had, but it can be accomplished with enough time and driven intensity!  Simply having the goal is the first step.

Don’t settle for second best and take action!

First Things First

The second step is starting to work on your nutrition.  Generally this is the easiest way to get started on the right track.  Stop eating the processed “baby food”, increase your daily dose of good quality proteins and eat a flapping salad or two—everyday!  Just doing these things will set you up for success.

Simply by having a good dose of protein and healthy fat in the morning about an hour upon waking will help stimulate some magical things within the body to help start burning fat.  Eggs and avocado anyone?

So get to it and start throwing away the excessive junk foods that you’ve been relying on to fuel your busy day and start cooking up some good healthy meals.  Cook extra at dinner to save for lunch the next day and chop up some vegetables and fruits to have at a moments notice.  You’re day is hectic and if you don’t take the time to prep some healthy food you’re going to wind up snacking on the kid’s goldfish crackers.

Secondly, Get Some Exercise

You’ve got to burn off some extra calories to help facilitate your weight loss efforts.  Trying to diet your weight down will work, but you’ll end up losing more muscle mass than fat.  Multiple studies have proven this fact.

Get to the gym and build some muscle, do some extra cardio to help burn extra calories and lose fat the right way.  Even if you have to start off doing some light bodyweight activities and walking, any exercise at this point is going to be rough.  But you have to start somewhere, so the best place is with what you can do already.

It’s going to be a long haul, so settle in for a marathon and skip the Snickers bar.  They’re not worth the extra work.

Try to do something tough and intense every day.  Even if it’s only for a few minutes.  Every little bit will help you get back to the body you want.

Finally, De-stress

The last focal point will be on managing your stress.  Excessive stressors to the body will only make your weight loss efforts frustrating to say the least.  The exercise will help, but there has to be more.  Find yourself a quiet place to unwind after a stressful day.  Do some yoga, read a book, whatever it takes to help you relax your mind and body.

The less stressful you experience your day the easier time your body will have in keeping pace with your fat loss efforts.  Too much stress in your day will let your glucocorticoids all in an uproar and you’ll stop losing weight, no matter how clean your diet and focused your exercise program.


You see excessive weight sneaks up on all of us.  We have ever so busy lives with just too little time, little exercise, too much junk food and too much stress.  To put things back in perspective we have to take action as soon as we notice there’s a problem and settle in for a long haul to recovery.  Take action while you still can, because once you’ve gone off the deep end it takes even longer to get back to where you once were.  Start with what you can manage and build up a good head of steam to get back your mojo!




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