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Curd hos RPS powerlifting canada hostyle

Mission accomplished!!


The road to 550 bench press

Mission accomplished!!

This past Saturday April 1st I hit a milestone on the Bench press

550 lbs (see video Below)

Its really cool to see that I can still get stronger at 49 years old. (testosterone plays a huge role in that)

But it’s a shit ton of hard work. But the real work wasn’t in the gym. Don’t me wrong the bench season from December to April 1st where I competed twice – Once in February and again April 1st was tough.

By the end of March my body was getting pretty beat up.

I was really glad April 1st was coming:

  • The bench meet with my goal of a lifetime meet PR (personal record) of 550 was coming up.
  • It also signaled that I was about to enter the off season.


Now that the off season  is here I drop the weights below 75% of my max so my nervous system and the rest of my body can heal up.

As of April 2nd I began my “bodybuilding” and “conditioning” phase I have 6 weeks to get ready for my European cruise May 10th.

So now I’m working out every day – During the bench meet prep the last 4 weeks I was working out once per week for a total of 17-25 minutes start to finish. Focusing on explosive power and heavy weights.

Now my workouts are still 17-25 minutes but I am doing more frequency and a varied workout

Here’s what my workout looks like now

Mondays – Powerwalk 15 minutes in the am

Tuesdays – Chest Shoulders and Triceps – 30 minutes

Wednesday – Power walk 15 minutes in the am

Thursdays – Legs and back and Biceps

Friday – Power walk 15 minutes

Saturday – Chest Shoulder Triceps

Sunday – off

AS I was eluding to earlier the real “Hard” work isn’t in the gym.

It’s following a great meal plan – For the meet I was eating up (more calories) now for the body building conditioning phase I am eating down

It’s in being consistent with my supplements

It’s in getting enough rest – sleeping 6-7 hours is key for me

It’s in managing stress – The stress of Life – Family – Business it all effects our performance, our testosterone and mental outlook (happiness)

These are the real battles along the way.

The better I master and manage these, the more I will lift and increase my business and be better at Life and family.

My goal is to drop 30 pounds by May 10th going from 375 to 340 ish so I can’t do all the trekking I need/want to do in Europe.

So far I’m already down 10 lbs to 365.

Its’s also cool having a new goal to get me excited and keep me from getting stale

Then in September I will start ramping back up for the Bench press as I chase 575 on the platform for December.

Having Goals is key but doing the “Hard: things consistently is the not so secret “Secret”


Curd hos RPS powerlifting canada hostyle

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