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food intolerances: yeasts

The Missing Link To Your Ideal Weight

Kelly was at it again.  She was on her third diet in the past three months and even though she was exercising hard four times a week she was stuck on her weight loss.  She was tired of struggling through her daily grind and still not getting anywhere fast.    Supposedly she was doing everything right.  She was eating lots of protein rich foods, cutting down on all carbs, having a good serving a protein after her heavy weight training days and taking one cheat night a week to keep her metabolism stoked up into high gear.  Physically, she was feeling awesome, but mentally she was struggling with that stupid needle on the scale that never seemed to budge.


Kelly was about to get desperate and try some of Dr. Oz’s raspberry ketones, but then she messaged her friend from the gym, Yvon Sing for help.  Yvon was an expert nutrition guru and clinical nutritionist, who had this uncanny ability to help everyone see the faults in their nutrition woes.  Kelly was sure Yvon could help her get those extra fifteen pounds off.


Screw you scale, Kelly thought as she got in her car and headed to Ass Kicker Friday at the gym.


The Gym


Kelly walked into the gym and Yvon was just finishing up with a client.  He wished his client good luck and shouted some parting good byes, as he turned towards her.


“Hey Kelly, how’s it going?” Yvon asked.


“Oh, you know, pretty good,” Kelly said.  “I just wanted to ask you some questions about how come I’m not getting to my weight loss goals.”


“Yeah, sure,” Yvon said.  “you mentioned something like that in your message.”  “So what seems to be the problem?”


Kelly did a 360 and said, “This is my problem,” indicating her mid-section and thighs.  “I just can’t seem to lose this extra ten to fifteen pounds!  No matter what I try.”


“I see,” Yvon said, raising an eyebrow.  “Well, you’re not too far off from the mark.”  “Let’s see you’re nutrition journal.”  “You are keeping a nutrition journal aren’t you?”


“Yes, I have been ever since you told me that it helps you keep accountable for the things you’re eating or not eating,” Kelly remarked, reaching into her gym bag and handing Yvon a notebook.


Yvon opened up the notebook and started scanning the pages.  “Not bad,” Yvon said.  “Good job keeping track of the times, amounts and types of foods you’re eating.  Very consistent!  I like that, definitely signs of determination.”


“Yes, I’m almost anal about it,” Kelly said.


“All good, all good,” Yvon remarked.  “I think I can see your problem though!”


“What?  What is it?”  Kelly exclaimed excitedly.


“It’s yeast!” Yvon said.  “Yeast the Candida kind, is one of the 400 organisms that make their home in your mouth, digestive track and other mucus membranes.  For the most part this yeast is just another member of the microbiotic community that helps us stay alive.”


“Okay,” Kelly said.  “But what’s that got to do with my diet?”


“Well, hold on, I’m getting to that,” Yvon said quickly.  “Normally yeast in our gut gets along fine with the rest of the gut flora, that’s the organisms in our gut that help us digest certain food products.”  “But in other cases, as in when you’re on antibiotics or overly stressed you can develop an overgrowth of yeast that grows out of control in your gut.”  “Make sense?”


“Yes, but I’m still confused as to what this has to do with my nutrition?” Kelly said.


“Yes, yes, still getting there,” Yvon promised.  “Your food log shows that you’re eating lots and lots of things with yeast in them.”  “That means you’re increasing the amount of yeast going into your system ALL THE TIME!”  “This is causing an overgrowth of yeast in your gut that may be causing a huge rise in inflammation from the immune system trying to battle the excessive yeast that is growing into all the nooks and crannies of your digestive system.”


Yvon looked giddy at having solved the problem, clasping his fingertips together.  “You see when the yeast gets out of control, it reaches a certain critical mass that changes the yeast from a happy round spore to an invasive thread-like tissue, that pack their bags and leave the small intestine to seek out more food in the large intestine.”


“Oh, okay,” Kelly said, still a bit quizzical.  “Does that mean all the foods I’m eating are all wrong for losing weight?”


“No, no, not at all,” Yvon said.  “Most of the foods you’re eating are very good for helping people lose weight, the problem is that they’re loaded with yeast that is causing excessive inflammation in the body.”  “That’s what’s causing the problem,” Yvon said nodding his head.


But What Foods?


“So what foods am I eating that are hurting my progress?” Kelly asked.


“Well, you’re going to be surprised!” Yvon said.  “Let’s start with your typical breakfast.  “Cheese!”


“Cheese has yeast in it,” Kelly said.


“Yep,” Yvon said, “your omelet while being great for fat loss may be hindering your fat loss.”  “And let’s not forget the aged meats, like sausage and bacon.”  “Peanut butter.”  “Pickles.”  “Oh, and popular peanut butter and soy sauces, loaded with yeasts.”


“Oh my god!” Kelly exclaimed.  “Just about everything I’m eating has some sort of yeast in it.”


“Yeah, it’s a good bet that this is causing your problems,” Yvon said.  “I’ve seen it happen multiple times before.”  “Yeast is kind of tricky since they are a natural part of our digestive system, it’s just that they’re out of control and are creating holes in the intestinal lining.  This causes a phenomenon called “leaky gut” which allows toxins and waste products to get into the blood stream that causes inflammation from head to toe.”


“Oh,” Kelly said.  “That sounds pretty bad?”


Inflammation Causes Problems


“Yeah, inflammation throughout the body isn’t a good thing,” Yvon said.  “It causes one of our primary hormones, leptin to be less effective at regulating weight control and hunger signals.”  “This makes it much harder to lose weight effectively.”


“Sometimes the inflammation is obvious, like when you’ve had your cheat night and ate a whole pizza, bag of chips and polished it off with a couple glasses of red wine or whiskey,” Yvon said.  “The next day you can feel what the inflammatory response has done to your body through the bloating, redness, warmth or even a pain response.”


“Yeah, I’ve definitely experienced the food hang over after a cheat night with pizza and beer,” Kelly said, the light bulb went off in her head.


“Sometimes though,” Yvon remarked, “it isn’t all that obvious.”


“So what do I do now?” Kelly asked.


Well Now What?

“Well, for starters you should probably do a food intolerance blood test just to make sure that yeast is the problem, because at this point it’s a strong possibility,” Yvon said.  “I’ll give you Danika Sicard’s card to go see her.”  “She’s really the expert to help put you back on track with your weight loss efforts.”


“Okay, I’ll go see her.”  “Is there anything else I can do to speed the process along?” Kelly said.


“Sure, the important thing to remember is that by eating the right foods and eliminating those that cause inflammation, you can restore leptin to its normal functions and start losing weight again.”


Kelly nodded.


“Start by removing foods that contain yeast from your diet for a minimum of six weeks,” Yvon said, counting on his fingers.  “Start taking some probiotics to help restore your natural balance of gut flora, oh, and include some anti-inflammatory foods in your diet like fatty fish, dark leafy greens, nuts, tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, ginger, turmeric, and cherries.”  “How’s that?”


“That’s awesome,” Kelly said excitedly.  “That’s great news, I’m going to start this soon and I’ll go get a blood test to see if that’s really all there is too it.”


“Yeah, pretty sure you’ll be back on track towards your ideal weight in no time,” Yvon said.  “Now let’s get busy, it’s still Kick Ass Friday, time to train!”


-CPT SMASH –Remember sometimes it’s not necessarily what macronutrients you have in your diet that is causing problems in weight loss, sometimes it’s what is in your food that is causing the problem.


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