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Meet Shelley Hostyle

Meet Shelley

Meet Shelley.

Wife, mother, business owner, strength athlete.

We’d met a few times over the past couple years. We have mutual clients and friends in the local Ottawa business community and have attended some of the same networking events.

More recently, I became aware of her competitive powerlifting experience, seeing some social media posts and videos. But her most recent competition—at the CPU Nationals in Regina in February—really intrigued me. Here was a person who went to her first national competition, by herself without a coach, and despite not meeting her expectations on her first two lifts, recovered to pull a PR deadlift and a PR overall total.

Powerlifting Program

Which got me thinking; What could she do with some consistent coaching? What could she do with the mutual support of a community of like-minded people like we have here at Hostyle in Orleans?

Well, we’re going to find out!

This series will follow Shelley on the road to Nationals in 2017.

Strength Training for Over 40s

But this isn’t all about selfies and inspirational quotes. It will be about the real-life ups and downs of a female, over-40 strength athlete, who’s discovering a renewed passion as she embarks on the second half of her life.

Sure, we’ll feature training and competition and all the highlights and PRs that we anticipate will come. But we know there will be struggles and competing demands that are part of all of our daily lives. Balancing family and work. Fighting through aches and pains. Tackling doubts and fears. Searching for the motivation just to move some days when all we want to do is roll over and go back to sleep.

So I hope you’ll join us as we document this journey. It will be real. Sometimes it will be raw. It will be gritty. Above all, I think it will be a journey all of us can identify with. Whether you’re part of the Ottawa powerlifting community, or looking for someone to relate to on your own health and fitness journey.

So stay tuned!


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