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How to Lose 20lbs Eating Bacon Everyday

You know I’m a big fan of bacon.  I mean who isn’t right?  It’s bacon.  It is practically its own food group.  But if you eat bacon every day you’re going to be a fatty right?  Well, not necessarily.  Today I’m going to give you the best advice ever.  Eat BACON EVERYDAY to lose 20lbs with ease!

Now I know what you’re thinking!  That’s crazy!

Oh, but my cholesterol.  The saturated fat.  I’m going to be huge.  Blah, blah, blah…

No, I don’t think so.  Not if you take what I’m telling you seriously and give it a try.

Bacon is Awesome Because…

Let’s give thanks to what bacon offers us; bacon, tastes awesome, can be added to a variety of different foods to improve flavor and texture, and has a lot of fat and a little bit of protein.  How about carbs?  Nope.  Not a single solitary carbohydrate to be found.  Now that’s nice, especially if you’re after body fat loss.

But if I eat fat I’ll get fat.  No…that’s not the case.  If you overeat on excess calories, processed junk and don’t exercise, yeah, you’re going to be fat.  But bacon isn’t going to do that to you all by itself.

Saturated Fat

eat bacon to burn bodyfat

Just look at that glycemic load will ya?

The saturated fat that is often associated with heart disease and obesity related diseases is completely unfounded and based upon illogical research.  Researchers and think tanks keep trying to prove the link to obesity in a certain food or groupings of foods, as long as it fits their monetary agendas.  Just look at the research on eggs and cholesterol.  The banter is back and forth, eggs are bad, eggs are good, eggs are GREAT!

The truth is food is food, let’s not butcher certain foods based upon the fact that they have certain attributes.  Any food can be warranted into a dietary program as long as it fits what you’re trying to accomplish.  You may not be able to eat it every day, but even chocolate cake has its benefits in a persons’ program.  Just think carb back loading strategy or a necessary cheat night.

Saturated fat has a large amount of energy contained within its carbon hydrogen bonds that makes it an excellent fuel source for the body.  However it fuel for the body to use as the body sees fit.  Depending upon your lifestyle and your goals that fuel can either be put to good use or be stored for a later date in your ever expanding gut and thighs.

That choice is all up to you!

Fat As Energy

The large amount of energy packed away in fat tallies a whopping 9 kcals per gram.  The end result is a massive amount of solid fuel to run the bodies energy requirements.  Which if you’re training hard the body is utilizing a massive amount of calories every day.  The key behind making fat work to your advantage is fueling the body appropriately with the right foods.

Now, we all know that we need a great deal of protein to keep the body operating effectively at about 1.0-1.5grams / lb of lean body mass.  That much is a given, but what about fat and carbs.

Here’s where the scenario becomes tricky.

Making This Work

To make this process work you need to make the body more efficient at burning fat, which counter intuitively means eating more fat and less overall carbohydrates.  Why less carbohydrates?

For one to avoid that excessive storage component that carbohydrates stimulate.  You see one of the benefits of bacon is that it’s almost exclusively a fat source, which doesn’t spike insulin levels.  That awesome because a good breakfast of bacon and eggs will keep you in fat burning zone without spiking up the storage component of our bodies.  Add carbohydrates into the mix and no that doesn’t work.

That helps us pull more fatty acids out of the blood stream to fuel our activities.  Add this with a good dose of exercise and you’ve got a great fat burning combo.

Not to mention adding more fat into the diet helps stimulate a build up of fat burning enzymes like hormone sensitive lipase, which increases our ability to move fat out of fat cells and burn even more fat!

Sweet right!


So essentially eating bacon with a good breakfast loaded with fat and protein in the morning will keep you full, stimulate a better fat burning response and help lower insulin levels.  All of which will help you burn off more body fat.  Just remember, control those carbs in the morning to help increase your ability to burn body fat and get out there and exercise.  Fat loss doesn’t occur in a vacuum, but you can help the process out with a bit of careful nutrition planning.  Not to mention bacon and eggs, hey, that’s a whole lot tastier than that bowl of oatmeal.


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